How many cars can I list under one insurance policy?

I have triplets who will all be turning 16 next year. My wife and I are likely going to buy them 1 vehicle to share, but we've also tossed around the idea of getting them all their own used car. If that happens, will we have any issues getting car insurance for the 3 cars and 5 drivers, considering we already have 2 cars and 2 drivers listed on our current State Farm insurance policy. Is there any limit to the number of vehicles or drivers that you can insure with a company? If so, are there any companies out there that would work with 5 vehicles on one policy?

Nov 7, 2016 Virginia Beach, VA

Neil Richardson

Nov 7, 2016

The maximum allowable number of drivers and vehicles that can be insured on any particular car insurance policy will vary by company. While there is no set standard, most insurance companies will allow their customers to insure up to 4 drivers and 4 vehicles on a single policy. This does not mean that you cannot insure more drivers and/or vehicles with your car insurance company if that becomes necessary. What normally happens if you need to insure more vehicles or drivers than allowed is that your insurance provider will issue a secondary policy to cover any additional drivers or vehicles. Normally in those situations, the additional policy is heavily discounted in such a way that the premium is much less than the cost of insuring those vehicles or drivers on a completely separate policy. To avoid any quoting issues, I would recommend that you speak with an agent over the phone if you are attempting to quote more than four vehicles or drivers since that option isn't normally available online to consumers. Keep in mind that some companies do allow customers to insure more than four drivers or vehicles on a single policy, but that doesn't automatically equal a better rate. So, be sure to shop around with as many companies as possible. For additional resources on shopping for car insurance quotes with multiple drivers, teenagers, and families, see our additional articles below:



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