Cheap Car Insurance for Teens

The thought of your teen driving can be scary — but finding insurance doesn't need to be.

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How much does car insurance for teens cost?

The average teen pays $1,838 for car insurance on their parent's policy. If you're a male teen driver, you should expect to pay more than a female teen driver — $1,949 for a six-month insurance policy for a male teen versus $1,726 for a female teen, so a difference of about $223 in insurance premiums. Let's outline why males pay more, how to save, and the cheapest car insurance companies for teens.

Spoiler alert: it's GEICO,with an average six-month premium of $987 for a family of three.


Car Insurance ProviderAverage Premium (6 Months)
State Farm$2,999
Liberty Mutual$1,676


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How to find cheap car insurance for teens

  1. How much is car insurance for a male teen?
  2. How much is car insurance for a female teen?
  3. How to get cheap car insurance for teens
  4. Average premium for teen drivers by state


Car insurance for male teenage drivers

Male teen drivers typically pay more in premiums than female drivers because of the comparative risk they present. On average, adding your son to your policy will raise your car insurance rates by $987.

Historically, male drivers are more likely to get into an accident and file a claim than female drivers. Because of this, an insurer will charge higher insurance premiums to protect themselves from future losses. On average, a male driver pays $37 more per month than a female teen driver. For a standard six-month policy, this comes to over $200 in a premium difference between a male and a female teen.

Car Insurance ProviderAverage 6-Month Premium
State Farm$3,200
Liberty Mutual$1,787


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Car insurance for female teenage drivers

While not as expensive as teenage male drivers, adding a young daughter on your policy can still increase your premium an average of $435. The cheapest car insurance company for female teens is, again, GEICO — with an average six month premium at $952.

Car Insurance Provider

Average 6-Month Premium

State Farm








Liberty Mutual



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How to find cheap car insurance for teens

Unfortunately, there is not much you can do to avoid paying significantly more for coverage for teen drivers. As they age and get more driving experience, their risk will lower. However, there are a few steps you can consider to lessen the financial blow. Let's get started. 


Good Student Discount:

If your driver has the grades, typically over a 3.0, you might want to consider the Good Student Discount. Your insurer would require proof, such as a transcript, every six months in order to qualify. On average and combined with a good driver discount, you can expect an average savings of $283!

For more information on student discounts for top car insurance companies, see here.



Defensive Driver Discount:

Another option is what’s called a defensive driver discount. Young drivers who have taken a professional driving course are less likely to receive a citation or get into an accident. The exact requirements and specifications for this discount vary, so consult your insurance company for details to get a cheaper rate.

ProgramAverage Savings
Progressive's SnapShotAverage of $130
Allstate's DrivewiseAverage of 10-25%
State Farm's Drive Safe & SaveUp to 15%
Esurance's DriveSenseVaries
Nationwide's SmartRideUp to 40%
Liberty Mutual's RightTrackAverage of 5-30%
GEICO DriveEasyVaries

Other programs to consider are Root and Metromile.Rootis a purely telematics-based insurance program. They only use the way you drive to price your policy.Metromileuses driving and non-driving factors (such as your age) but also considers your mileage. AKA, a pay-as-you-go insurance program. These companies are not available in every state.

If you're looking for additional information related to usage-based car insurance and telematics, see our guidehere.


Drive a moderately priced vehicle

Insurance companies not only use you as a rating factor for determining premiums but also your vehicle. If you’re interested in keeping your premium down it makes financial sense to chose a cheaper vehicle for less experienced drivers. Save the new trucks or luxury vehicles for more experienced drivers.

You can find more information related to vehicles, see here.


Keep your teen on your insurance policy

Although there are some reasons to exclude your teen drivers from your policy, the most cost-efficient solution is to keep them on your policy. Experienced drivers will help reduce the risk presented by a young driver and thus reduce your insurance bill.


Consider coverage add-ons

If you're not totally sold on your teenage child's driving abilities, you may want to consider what's called accident forgiveness to your policy. While it varies by insurer and your state, this would "forgive" the first accident on your insurance policy — meaning, your rate wouldn't be raised just because you had an auto accident. There are some age and location restrictions to this policy.


Don't pay for coverage you don't need

If your new driver will be using an older vehicle, make sure you're not paying for coverage you do not need. Collision and comprehensive coverage are really only designed for leased, financed, or vehicles worth more than $4,000. 

The logic behind this is simple; if your vehicle isn't worth much to begin with, paying for coverage you do not need is a waste of money. You can determine the value of your vehicle by using online resources such as Kelley Blue Book and NADA online.


Compare insurance rates

Drivers of all ages should compare auto insurance quotes every six months. As you can see with the data we presented above, there is a lot of price variation amongst car insurance companies. Plus, we didn’t even show all the companies! Only by comparing and getting rates from companies can you guarantee you’re getting the best rate. 

By shopping with The Zebra, you can see local and national companies for your teen driver. Enter your ZIP code below to get a hassle and spam-free car insurance quote!


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Average car insurance premiums for teen drivers by state

If you're looking for more information regarding car insurance with teens, see our related articles below.

District of Columbia$5,809
New Hampshire$4,842
New Jersey$6,334
New Mexico$5,394
New York$5,553
North Carolina$2,093
North Dakota$4,783
Rhode Island$8,180
South Carolina$4,848
South Dakota$4,582
West Virginia$5,286


Recent Questions:

Cheap Car Insurance for Teens

Can my insured relative drive my new, uninsured car off the lot?

Even if your relative is insured, they cannot drive the car home without insurance. Their coverage does not extend to your new vehicle unless they choose to add it to their policy.

What is the cheapest car to have my teenage son drive?

With most companies, all drivers on the policy are covered to drive all cars on the policy. This means vehicles are not typically assigned to a driver.

Can an insurance company refuse to remove a child from my policy?

All members of your household, that are of driving age, need to be listed on your policy. You can either list them as a driver or you can exclude them.

Do I need my parent's consent to get car insurance?

No, since you will be driving your parent's car, they will need to add you to their policy. There are a few reasons.

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