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How to find cheap insurance for your home in Georgia

Homeowners insurance is an optional — but important — product that works to keep your belongings safe in the event your house or property suffers damage from common incidents. A homeowners policy covers your house and property against a variety of calamities, including fire, theft, vandalism, or wind damage.

Unlike auto insurance, home insurance isn't priced based on state-level legislation. Even so, there are major differences in homeowners insurance costs from state to state. Homeowners costs by state may vary depending on the frequency and value of home policy claims filed in that state, and depend on the value of the belongings and property you're covering.

The best way to acquire cheap home insurance in Georgia is to shop around and compare rates from multiple companies. Learn typical homeowners insurance rates in Georgia via the below data. Individual rates may vary depending on coverage options.


Georgia homeowners insurance:
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Home insurance prices in Georgia by insurer

Homeowners insurance rates in Georgia vary depending on which insurer you select. Farmers underwrites the most affordable homeowners insurance in Georgia — only $901 annually. This compares favorably to the state's mean cost of $1,619, providing a $718 price cut on the state's average rate.

Begin your search for affordable homeowners coverage by reviewing the best Georgia insurance companies, listed below.


CompanyAverage 12-Month Rate in Georgia
Georgia Farm Bureau$1,029.85
LM General$1,379.55
Cincinnati Insurance$1,450.58


Georgia home insurance costs: by city

Not all Georgia cities have equal homeowners insurance rates. Home insurance prices can vary based on city-specific variables, such as the number of claims filed in the immediate area, meaning your ZIP code could have a major impact on how much you pay.

The most affordable home insurance in Georgia is found in Athens. The average homeowners insurance policy in Athens runs only $1,401 per year — $218 less than the state average. The below cities have the most affordable home insurance in Georgia.


CityAverage Annual Home Insurance Rate


Home and auto insurance bundles in Georgia

If you want to save on insurance, consider purchasing your home and car insurance policies from the same company. Bundling homeowners and auto insurance in Georgia can save you a substantial sum each month on car insurance. Bundling home and auto policies in Georgia may generate yearly savings of $131.


Avg. Yearly Auto Insurance Rate (No Bundle)Avg. Annual Auto Insurance Rate (Bundle)Annual Bundle SavingsBundle Savings %


Seeking information on home insurance in a particular city?


Georgia homeowners insurance FAQs


Do you have to have homeowners insurance in Georgia?

Your mortgage lender, not the state, may require you to carry home insurance in Georgia.

Does GEICO offer home insurance in Georgia?

Yes. GEICO offers home insurance in Georgia.

Why is homeowners insurance so costly in Georgia?

Homeowners rates in Georgia are high because of the likelihood of hurricanes and water damage. These risks make business in Georgia more expensive for insurance companies and thus more expensive for customers.


Homeowners insurance and hurricanes in Georgia

Since hurricanes can cause calamitous damage and demolish buildings entirely, insurers remain unwilling to assume the full risk of hurricanes as a whole. If you own a house in Georgia, you could face elevated risk of hurricane damage. In fact, 8,887 single-family homes are at extreme risk of hurricane damage in Georgia.*

If you reside near the coast, it's essential to confirm the details of your homeowners policy because a basic policy may not be enough to cover hurricane damage — you would need to fortify your policy with flood and windstorm insurance, both of which would be applicable to cover the damages. Depending on your location, your insurance company may make it compulsory to have a separate deductible for hurricanes if you reside in an area that's at high risk for hurricanes.

While “hurricane insurance” doesn’t actually exist as a standalone product, most home insurance policies will typically cover most perils associated with the storm. If you own a home in a state at risk of hurricanes, you could face what is known as a "windstorm" or "hurricane" deductible. Only triggered in certain conditions, these specialized deductibles work differently than the deductible for a standard peril. For a start, they are oftentimes more expensive, based on a percentage of your home's overall value. It's important to note, however, that flooding is almost never covered by standard homeowners policies. The National Flood Insurance Program can provide this coverage, in most cases.

Below are some affordable choices for hurricane coverage in Georgia. Consider the following rates mere estimates. For rates specific to your property, reach out to these companies directly.


Insurance CompanyAverage Annual Earthquake Insurance Rate
Georgia Farm Bureau$887
LM General$1,130

*Source: Insurance Information Institute (


Flooding and homeowners insurance in Georgia

Damage from flooding, whether from a hurricane or a torrential downpour, is excluded from coverage by home insurance companies. To insure your home against flood damage, you should buy flood insurance from a private insurance company or through the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).

Flood insurance coverage from private companies may vary, but if you buy through the NFIP you are allotted coverage for:

  • $250,000 coverage for your home's structure
  • $100,000 coverage for your personal property

If the value of your personal property and home exceed these limits, consider purchasing a policy from a private company for additional protection. Flood insurance is a necessity in Georgia, which paid out $10,079,591 in flood insurance claims in 2016, according to FEMA.