Your Car Insurance Policy

What are the most common types of car insurance policies?

Auto insurance policy types

Your car insurance policy determines your coverage and your premium. In short, it is a way to organize car insurance coverage options to meet your needs. In this article, we’ll outline some popular car insurance policy types as well as some popular policiese that may not exist exactly as advertised.

Popular car insurance policies

Below are some popular and standard car insurance policy classifications. You can purchase these policies from national and local insurance providers.

6-Month Car InsuranceCar Insurance for Renters
12-Month Car InsuranceCar Insurance for Condo Owners
6- and 12-Month Car InsuranceCar Insurance for Homeowners
Car Insurance for Multiple DriversCar Insurance for Shared Vehicles
Car Insurance for Multiple VehiclesCar Insurance for Commuters
 Car Insurance for Pleasure Use Drivers


Company and state-specific policies

Below are policies often subject to state and company-specific requirements. These are not always available.

Car Insurance with TelematicsPleasure vs Commuting Car Insurance
Pay-Per-Mile Car InsuranceCostco Car Insurance
Car Insurance for CommutersAARP Car Insurance
Car Insurance for Pleasure Use Drivers 


Commonly advertised policies

There are many policies that are advertised by insurance companies that don’t actually exist as marketed. Below are some policy types worth being aware of. If you're interested in these policies, follow the link to learn more about alternative options.


If you’re looking for other auto insurance policies, see the additional resources below!