Do I need to put everyone in my household on my policy?

I tried to get insurance from Progressive but they said that I needed to put everyone in the household on my policy. Is this necessary if everyone has their own vehicle with insurance already?

Aug 12, 2019 Miami, FL

Kristine Lee

Aug 12, 2019

It's usually recommended to add everyone who lives in the household on the same policy if it's likely they will be driving the insured car, and insurance companies generally require everyone in the household of driving age to be listed on the policy. But if the others in the household already have their own insurance and vehicles, this would be unnecessary. Policyholders do have the option to have excluded drivers on the policy — this would explicitly release liability on the insurer's part from covering those excluded drivers, and should not impact your rate. If the other drivers in the household have their own policy, this is what I recommend doing. Progressive should allow you to do this — if not, there are plenty of other insurance providers in Florida that will. Feel free to shop around and compare rates here.

If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to ask.

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