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How do I remove a car from my insurance policy?

What is the best way to take a car off my insurance policy? I will no longer be using one of my vehicles and I want to stop paying insurance premiums for it since it won’t be driven.

Jan 18, 2022 Austin, TX

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Renata Balasco

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Renata joined The Zebra in 2020 as a Customer Experience Agent. Since 2021, she has worked as licensed insurance professional and content strategist.…

Depending on your insurance company, there are a few ways to remove a vehicle from your policy. Many major providers allow some policy changes to be made digitally— either through their website or mobile app. Others may only allow modifications through customer service, so you may need to call your insurance agent or customer service representative to make changes. 

Whichever method you choose for removal, you should always receive a written confirmation of the change, which will come either by email or mail. A confirmation indicates that the insurance company received and processed your request, and the change in your policy premium should be reflected here. If you don’t receive confirmation, contact your insurance company to make sure your changes are being processed. 

If you have only one car on your insurance policy and will no longer be using it, you will need to cancel your policy completely. It’s more likely that you may have to take a few more steps to process a cancellation: most insurance companies require requests for cancellation through writing and ask that you include the effective date of cancellation. If you cancel in the middle of your policy period, you may be entitled to a refund of unused premiums. 

If you are canceling your insurance plan and planning to start up a new policy with a different provider, make sure the effective start date of your new policy overlaps with the end date of your old one so you stay protected. Any gap in coverage is considered a lapse and can cause rates to increase.

It’s also important to note your state’s license plate requirements when dropping coverage. Some states require that drivers surrender their plates, so contact your local DMV before dropping your insurance coverage for that vehicle to understand any other necessary steps.

If you are considering switching car insurance companies altogether, comparing rates from different providers is the best way to start.

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