Can I get car insurance without a home address?

I am between homes right now and living in a hotel. My insurance canceled and I need to get a new policy. Do I have to wait until I move in to my new apartment before I can buy one?

May 29, 2016 Portland, OR

Neil Richardson

May 29, 2016

Unfortunately it seems like you are in a tough spot until you have moved into your new place. Lots of information is used by insurance companies to determine the rate that they will charge to insure a driver and a major factor in rating that price is your home address. If you are only living in a location temporarily, and the insurance company is aware of that, they won't issue a policy because of what they call a "transient risk". Since there is no lease or rental agreement where you are currently staying, there is nothing keeping you in that location for any extended period of time and this creates too much risk for the insurance company to issue a policy. If you plan on moving into your new place within 30 days, most companies will allow you to use that address to start a policy before you actually move in. If that doesn't work then you will just have to wait until you have signed your lease agreement.  

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