In the state of MA, can I suspend my car insurance for a few months?

I will be flying out of town on a family emergency. I expect to be gone for a month, maybe two. Can I suspend my car insurance without having to unregister it?

Feb 7, 2017 New Bedford, MA

Neil Richardson

Feb 7, 2017

While the state does not actively monitor drivers' compliance with insurance laws, Massachusetts does require that vehicles be insured while driven on the road. Compliance monitoring is done through traffic stops, after accidents, and at the time of registering or renewing the registration on a vehicle. So as long as you aren't driving your vehicle then you would not have to maintain insurance coverage. Keep in mind, however, that you may be required to submit proof of an active insurance policy if your car's registration is up for renewal while you are gone and your insurance rates are likely to be inflated when it comes time to start another policy. It's a good idea to compare rates with as many companies as possible to find your best option when you're ready to drive again.

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