How much will my insurance cover if I have an accident while towing my friends trailer?

I will be using my friend's trailer to tow his tractor, how much will my insurance cover (I have full coverage) if I should have an accident while towing his trailer?

Jun 20, 2018 Milwaukee, WI

Taylor Covington

Jun 20, 2018

Each policy is going to have different guidelines as to what they will and will not cover. You will definitely want to check with your specific company to find out if your policy will cover the damages.

With that being said, typically, your insurance would only cover damage that you caused to others by towing the trailer. For example the trailer swerves while you are driving and hits a car, your company will cover the damages to the car that was hit, not the damage to the trailer or tractor. Your friend would need to have coverage on their trailer and tractor to cover any damage to the tractor or trailer. Read more about travel trailer insurance.

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