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How much does car insurance cost in Scottsdale?

Car insurance in Scottsdale costs an average of $961 for a six-month policy or $160 per month on average. In 2024 our data shows Auto-Owners is the cheapest car insurance company in Scottsdale with rates at $529 for a six-month policy. Scottsdale drivers pay more than the average for car insurance in Arizona ($873 every six months) and more than the US average of $880.

In fact, 42% of our customers in Scottsdale admit they're paying too much for their car insurance. If you agree or just need help with your car insurance, read on to learn more about what a fair rate looks like in Scottsdale based on common factors like credit score, coverage level, and more.

Car Insurance in Scottsdale vs. Arizona Avg. 6 Mo. Premium
Scottsdale Average $961
Arizona Average $873

The cheapest car insurance companies in Scottsdale

1st place medal
1st place: Auto-Owners

Auto-Owners offers the cheapest rates for Scottsdale drivers with average premiums at $529 for a six-month policy.

2nd place medal
2nd place: GEICO

Coming in second place is GEICO with average six-month policy rates at $502, or $84 per month.

3rd place medal
3rd place: Progressive

Finally, Progressive takes third place in Scottsdale. Progressive's average premium is $653 for six-months or $109 per month.

The Zebra's key takeaways about car insurance in Scottsdale:

  • The average cost of a car insurance policy in Scottsdale is $961 per six-month policy — $160 per month.
  • The cheapest company in Scottsdale is Auto-Owners ($529).
  • Scottsdale ranks in the top 20 most expensive cities in Arizona for car insurance. 
  • 42% of Zebra customers in Scottsdale stated they used our product because they were paying too much for car insurance.

Are you paying too much for auto insurance?

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Scottsdale car insurance rates by company

Our data for 2024 reveals that Auto-Owners offers the least expensive full coverage car insurance in Scottsdale, with a monthly cost of $88 or a six-month policy priced at $529. The second most economical insurance provider is GEICO, which offers policies beginning at $113 per month or $678 for a six-month period.

Refer to The Zebra's Customer Satisfaction Survey for more information on top-rated car insurance companies.


Cheapest car insurance companies in Scottsdale, AZ
Company Avg. 6 Mo. Premium
Auto-Owners $529
GEICO $678
Progressive $809
State Farm $815
USAA $865
Nationwide $941
Allstate $1,427

The Zebra’s Dynamic Insurance Rating Tool data methodology

The Zebra’s Dynamic Insurance Rating Tool for home and auto insurance rates utilizes the latest ZIP code-level rate filings from across the U.S., sourced from Quadrant Information Services and S&P Global. These filings, typically updated annually or biennially by insurers, are verified through Quadrant’s QA process and then integrated into The Zebra’s estimator.

The displayed rates are based on a dynamic home and auto profile designed to reflect the content of the page. This profile is tailored to match specific factors such as age, location, and coverage level, which are adjusted based on the page content to show how these variables can impact premiums.

For a comprehensive understanding, see our detailed methodology.

Shop around for the best rates

The only way to know which company offers the cheapest coverage for you is to compare. Let us do the research for you. Enter your ZIP code to view rates from Travelers, State Farm, GEICO, Nationwide, and other top companies, and find the best and cheapest car insurance in Scottsdale.

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Average car insurance in Scottsdale by rating factor

In order to determine an equitable premium for a driver's situation, car insurance companies rely on a range of rating factors that help determine the potential risk involved. Common factors include age, credit score, claims history, and more. Nonetheless, there are insurance providers who prioritize certain factors more heavily than others.

Taking this into consideration, it is vital to note that the ideal auto insurance company for you may vary as you grow older or experience changes in your profile. Conducting occasional reassessments and obtaining fresh quotes can serve as indicators to determine whether you are still receiving the most competitive rates.

Q: I didn't have an accident — Why is my insurance going up?

A: The earnings at the close of the year, which compare the revenue from premiums to the expenses of covering policyholders' claims, represent a pivotal factor in rating the car insurance expenses in Scottsdale. Even if you haven't personally filed a claim, you may still encounter higher payment obligations due to the escalating operational costs in Scottsdale.

Auto insurance premiums by age in Scottsdale

The influence of age on car insurance premiums cannot be understated, as it stands as one of the most crucial rating factors. Given that teenage drivers exhibit the highest propensity for accidents among all age groups, it is commonplace for them to face exorbitant premium charges. In Scottsdale, the disparity in rates between teenage drivers and those in their 20s amounts to $1,888, signifying the largest discrepancy observed among any two age brackets.

While this may appear inequitable, insurance companies must adopt such measures to effectively manage risks. Imposing higher premiums on teen drivers enables companies to offset the augmented expenses incurred in claims settlements.

Cheapest car insurance companies for teen drivers in Scottsdale, AZ
Company Avg. 6 Mo. Premium
Auto-Owners $1,655
GEICO $1,898
State Farm $3,075
Nationwide $3,334
USAA $3,376
Allstate $3,567
Progressive $4,023
Age Bracket Cheapest Companies Avg. 6 Mo. Premium
20s Auto-Owners $756
30s Auto-Owners $561
40s Auto-Owners $539
50s Auto-Owners $516
60s Auto-Owners $538
70s Auto-Owners $678

Zebra Tip: The cheapest companies for Scottsdale drivers between 20-30 are Progressive, Auto-Owners and GEICO

According to our data, drivers between the ages of 20-29 constitute the majority of Scottsdale drivers. On average, this particular demographic pays $1,229 every six months. By selecting these companies, these groups have the potential to save 29%.

Auto insurance premiums for minimum coverage in Scottsdale

Insurance rates are heavily influenced by the extent of coverage you decide to include in your policy. The more extensive your chosen coverage, the pricier your policy becomes. Our data indicates that 30% of Scottsdale drivers carry the best coverage. The cheapest coverage level is the state minimum limits, but this tier can leave you at risk of being underinsured. 

Collision and comprehensive coverage, while recommended, can increase your rates. This combination, commonly referred to as "full coverage," offers a broader scope of protection for your vehicle. These coverages typically require a deductible, which also has an effect on your rates depending on the amount you choose.

Roadside assistance or uninsured motorist coverage stand out as notable supplements worth considering. These coverages prove invaluable during unforeseen circumstances or when involved in an accident with an uninsured driver. Although they contribute to an increased premium, we highly recommend their inclusion due to the significant safeguard they offer for your vehicle and your own security.

Q: Can I lower my car insurance coverage?

A: Possibly — if your vehicle is paid off.

If you do not have a vehicle lease or financing agreement, it is worth considering whether it is appropriate to remove comprehensive or collision coverage. We suggest obtaining the actual cash value of your vehicle through Kelley Blue Book or another reputable source. The general principle is that if your vehicle's worth is less than $4,000, collision coverage may not be necessary. Nevertheless, it is essential to acknowledge that eliminating these coverages means you will need to cover any repair expenses using your personal funds.

Cheapest car insurance companies for minimum coverage in Scottsdale, AZ
Company Avg. 6 Mo. Premium
Auto-Owners $181
GEICO $241
USAA $300
Allstate $334
State Farm $337
Progressive $359
Nationwide $424
  • Minimum: State liability coverage only
  • Basic: State liability + collision and comprehensive (full) coverage
  • Better: Better liability limits at 50/100/50. Full coverage included with towing and rental car benefits. May include additional personal medical benefits and uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage.
  • Best: Best liability limits at 100/300/50. Full coverage included with better towing and rental car benefits and better personal medical benefits and increased uninsured/underinsured coverage.

Most of our customers in Scottsdale opt for the basic level of coverage, but this may not be the best option for everyone. While we understand state minimum coverage is a budget-friendly solution, it does leave you at risk for damages that exceed your liability limits. Arizona's 25/50/15 liability limits provide coverage for damage you cause up to $25,000 per person in bodily injury, $50,000 per accident in bodily injury and $15,000 for property damage. While this may be sufficient for most standard car accidents, it might not be for bodily injury claims or multi-vehicle accidents.

Learn more about insurance laws in Arizona.

Scottsdale car insurance rates by credit score

Although some states have discontinued the utilization of credit scores as a rating factor, Arizona continues to incorporate them when evaluating policies. A credit score has historically acted as an indicator of drivers' likelihood to file claims — those with lower credit scores demonstrate a higher tendency for engaging in risky driving behaviors, encountering coverage lapses, and submitting claims. As a result, insurance companies view a lower credit score as a heightened risk for insurance coverage.

Notably, Scottsdale drivers with poor credit (300-579) face a significant 113% surge in insurance rates when compared to drivers with excellent credit (800-850). Our gathered data reveals that a considerable number of drivers in Scottsdale hold an "excellent (720+)" credit score. For the year 2024, Auto-Owners stands out as the most affordable option for Scottsdale drivers falling into this credit bracket.

car insurance in Scottsdale by credit score
Cheapest car insurance companies for bad credit in Scottsdale, AZ
Company Avg. 6 Mo. Premium
GEICO $887
Nationwide $1,275
Progressive $1,370
Auto-Owners $1,523
USAA $1,664
Allstate $1,877
State Farm $3,363

Zebra Tip: If you recently improved your credit score, shop around for car insurance!

Within Arizona, our data reveals that drivers categorized with "Fair" credit pay $1,286 less for car insurance per year in comparison to drivers classified with "Poor" credit. If you have recently settled the outstanding balance of a loan or pursued other credit-enhancing endeavors, we recommend checking your preferred credit monitoring software to determine if your recent actions may translate into cost savings on your car insurance!

Auto insurance rates with an at-fault accident

Amidst the array of insurance claims, at-fault accidents and collision-related incidents emerge as the most frequently encountered. In 2024, an at-fault accident resulted in a rise of average car insurance rates in Scottsdale, soaring from $160 to $239 per month. Following an at-fault accident, Auto-Owners stands out as the most affordable insurance company in Scottsdale.

No matter where you are located, the most effective way to keep your auto insurance rates affordable is by upholding a clean driving record. Offenses such as speeding tickets, charges of reckless driving, DUIs, and at-fault accidents will inevitably lead to rate increases. Many of these violations can linger on your record for a span of three to five years, with an extended duration for DUI or DWI incidents.


Cheapest car insurance companies after an at-fault accident in Scottsdale, AZ
Company Avg. 6 Mo. Premium
Auto-Owners $740
State Farm $1,037
GEICO $1,181
Progressive $1,231
USAA $1,277
Nationwide $1,594
Allstate $1,871

Scottsdale car insurance rates by violation

Did you know that different types of claims or violations can affect your insurance rates differently? Below you can see how each type will increase your rate in Scottsdale.

Car insurance rate increases after violations and citations in Scottsdale, AZ
Accident/Violation Avg. 6 Mo. Premium % Rate Increase $ Rate Increase
None $961 0% $0
One Med/PIP claim $961 0% $0
Not-at-fault accident $962 0% $2
Two Med/PIP claims $999 4% $38
One comp claim $1,000 4% $39
Two comp claims $1,047 9% $86
Failure to wear a seat belt $1,082 13% $122
Driving without lights $1,083 13% $122
Child safety restraint $1,083 13% $122
Failure to show documents $1,133 18% $173
Driving with expired registration $1,172 22% $212
Speeding 6 - 10 MPH over limit $1,204 25% $244
Wrong way/wrong lane $1,206 26% $245
Failure to yield $1,207 26% $246
Following too closely $1,207 26% $246
Failure to stop at a red light $1,207 26% $246
Illegal turn $1,207 26% $246
Cell phone violation $1,209 26% $248
Texting while driving $1,209 26% $248
Improper passing $1,221 27% $260
Speeding 11 - 15 MPH over limit $1,227 28% $266
Speeding in school zone $1,232 28% $271
Driving too slowly $1,232 28% $271
Speeding 16 - 20 MPH over limit $1,237 29% $276
In 65 MPH zone $1,267 32% $307
Speeding 21 - 25 MPH over limit $1,276 33% $315
Passing school bus $1,276 33% $316
At-fault accident - less than $1000 $1,325 38% $364
Operating a vehicle without permission $1,348 40% $387
At-fault accident - $1000-$2000 $1,421 48% $460
At-fault accident - greater than $2000 $1,435 49% $475
Open container $1,461 52% $500
Reckless driving $1,619 68% $658
Driving with a suspended license $1,647 71% $686
Refusal to submit to a chemical test $1,847 92% $886
DUI $1,847 92% $886
Racing $1,899 98% $938
Leaving scene of an accident/hit and run $1,910 99% $949

Why is car insurance in Scottsdale so expensive?

In comparison to the average rate in the state of Arizona and the national average, car insurance in Scottsdale is relatively costly. Various factors contribute to this scenario: Scottsdale's status as a major city in Arizona, metropolitan areas typically accommodating a greater population and number of drivers, resulting in an increased probability of accidents. Moreover, the cost of living in Scottsdale exceeds that of other towns in Arizona, prompting car insurance companies to levy higher rates to cover their expenses. Beyond individual rating factors, the specific location of Scottsdale plays a role in the elevated cost of car insurance, irrespective of one's driving profile.


wildfire image

In 2021, Arizona ranked in the top 10 states for number of wildfires and acres burned in the United States[1]. Places with a high likelihood of natural disasters are more prone to high insurance rates. 

location pin
Neighborhood distinctions

What part of town you live in has an impact on insurance rates as well. 

Expensive Scottsdale ZIP codes: 85253, 85256, 85254, 85251, 85257

Cheap Scottsdale ZIP codes: 85262, 85255, 85258, 85260, 85259

uninsured drivers
Uninsured drivers

In terms of uninsured drivers, reports place Arizona as the 24th-ranked state in the country. While this placement isn't the highest, it still leaves room for policyholders to be hit by an uninsured driver. 

According to our Scottsdale data, 22% of Zebra customers are not currently insured. If you find yourself in a collision with an uninsured driver, you could be left paying for the damage yourself.

Zebra Tip: Consider uninsured property damage coverage

In urban areas or ZIP codes with many uninsured drivers, it's wise to have uninsured motorist coverage (UMPD). It helps if you or your vehicle are damaged by an underinsured or uninsured driver. UMPD has a lower deductible and is cheaper than collision. The rate increase after a UMPD claim can be hundreds of dollars less than a collision claim.

Bundling insurance policies in Scottsdale

Despite the national trend of increasing car insurance rates, there are still ways to save through various discounts. One of the most common discounts provided by insurance companies is the multi-policy or bundling discount. By merging your home or renters insurance with your auto insurance policy under one provider in Scottsdale, you can enjoy a noteworthy discount. Some companies offer savings of up to 10% on combined premiums.

Take the time to delve deeper into the benefits of bundling home and car insurance. If you currently maintain separate policies for your home and car, it would be prudent to explore the possibility of bundling them together and potentially achieving substantial cost savings. Often, the effort expended is well worth it.

bundling home and auto insurance in Scottsdale
Cheapest car insurance companies for bundling home and auto insurance in Scottsdale, AZ
Company Avg. 6 Mo. Premium
Auto-Owners $465
GEICO $645
State Farm $673
Progressive $698
USAA $795
Nationwide $833
Allstate $1,170

While it's true that some aspects may be beyond your control, drivers can take proactive measures to enhance their appeal to insurance companies. The best advice we can provide is to diligently compare auto insurance quotes from numerous companies in Scottsdale. This helps ensure that you obtain the most affordable rate without sacrificing coverage or quality of service.

This becomes especially important if any personal factors have recently changed, such as a change in residence, the celebration of a birthday, or an improvement in your credit rating. Despite your best efforts, certain companies may be inherently more expensive than others, so don't hesitate to consider a switch if it makes financial sense.

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Frequently asked questions

The average price of car insurance in Scottsdale, Arizona in 2023 is $961 for a six-month policy, or $160 per month.

Auto insurance policies in Scottsdale are higher than the average for Arizona ($874 for six months) and the national average ($880).

You need at least the state minimum liability limits: 25/50/15. This means that in order to meet the minimum legal requirements, drivers must carry insurance with limits of $25,000 per person bodily injury, $50,000 per accident bodily injury, and $15,000 property damage per accident.

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