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Is it mandatory to list my adult child on my policy?

I was looking for a new insurance policy and was told that I have to add my son since he lives in my home (although he is an adult). He won't be driving my vehicle, so do I still have to add him?

Aug 18, 2022 Groveton, NH

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This is actually a common concern for families. Insurance companies generally require that any person in the household be listed on your policy regardless of driving status. The reason is that the company wants to know who they will and will not cover as a driver if there is a claim involving your vehicle. The reason comes down to risk. When an insurance company is evaluating the risk you pose as a policyholder, there are many factors that they analyze. Having other potential drivers in your home is part of their calculation, so this should be disclosed upfront.

You may never plan on letting your son use your car, but it's one of those things that isn't always guaranteed. Frankly, insurance companies know how easy it is to let someone else drive your car, even if there is no ulterior motive. It may be an emergency that only involves your son taking the car a couple of miles down the road, but this hypothetical situation still counts as another member of your household driving your vehicle.

Another option in some states is an exclusion. Adding an excluded driver to your policy doesn't normally impact your rate, but this isn't an option everywhere. Excluding a driver might be a good option if your son is a high-risk driver with a poor record behind the wheel. Having a risky driver on your policy will likely increase your premium.

When shopping for auto insurance be sure to ask about your options concerning your son being listed on your policy, but remember that you don't want to misrepresent yourself when applying for new policies, either. If you want to shop for auto insurance quotes or want to talk with an agent about this, feel free to reach out to The Zebra at 888-255-4364.

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