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What is the best car insurance for families?


Car insurance modeled to fit you and your vehicle. Auto insurance for a family can be dynamic — and potentially expensive — so it's important to stay in the loop on the best ways to save. Whether you're getting married, buying a house, or adding teen drivers to your policy, every step on your family's path can have auto insurance rate ramifications. Let's assess the best ways to save on auto insurance for a family. 

Family car insurance:
  1. Young families
  2. Families with kids
  3. Insuring a teen driver
  4. Money-saving tips and tricks
  5. Summary

Auto insurance for young families

Marriage is a major milestone, both personally and for car insurance. Married couples sharing an auto insurance policy are considered stable insurance customers and are rewarded with lower premiums. All other variables constant, married couples save nearly 6% on car insurance annually.

Marital Status

Average 6-month premium









If you and your spouse are homeowners, you can expect some additional savings. Homeowners are seen as less likely to file a claim than renters — and when they do file claims, the payouts tend to be less costly. If you bundle your home and auto policies with the same insurance company, you can look forward to nearly 10% in annual savings.

Homeowner status

Average 6-month premium





Renter w/ Multi-Policy


Homeowner w/ Multi-Policy


Married homeowners enjoy some impressive car insurance savings. But once the children arrive, insurance costs tend to rise.

Learn more about auto insurance for married drivers.


Auto insurance after having kids

Unless your child is driving, your rate won't experience an immediate impact after childbirth. If you’re a young family that upgrades from a coupe or sedan to a larger vehicle, your insurance rates could shift.

Vehicle type

Average 6-month premium

Sedan: Chevrolet Cruze


SUV: Honda CR-V


Van: Honda Odyssey


Luxury: Acura RDX



For the most popular vehicles in the US, moving from a sedan to a van can actually save you an average of $116 annually — or $144, if you choose a van.

Learn more about car insurance for new parents.


Car insurance for parents with teen drivers

Insurance for teen drivers is very expensive. We pulled rates from five popular American insurance companies to determine which company is the cheapest for a family with a teen driver. GEICO is the cheapest company for a family insuring a teen (methodology).

Car Insurance Provider

Average 6-month premium

State Farm








Liberty Mutual



Adding a teen driver to your insurance policy can increase your premium by nearly $4,000 per year! If you have multiple driving-aged children, you can expect the increase to be even greater. So, what comes next? Begin your search for auto insurance with GEICO and Progressive while still searching elsewhere. 

Learn more about auto insurance rates by age for teen drivers:


How to save on car insurance for families

Good Student Discount

This discount is pretty straightforward. Insurance companies see students with a GPA of 3.0 or better as safer drivers, rewarding them with lower premiums. Most insurance companies require an up-to-date transcript every policy period as proof. Discount amounts vary by company.


Average Savings: Good Student and Good Driver Discounts

Average Teen

Average Male Teen

Average Female Teen





Defensive Driver Discount

Taking a safe driving course — approved by your insurance company — can earn you a discount. Regardless of whether your insurance company provides a defensive driving discount, it’s probably a good idea for a teen driver. The discount amount will vary by company.


Good Driver Discount

This discount is automatically added to your policy if you have a claim-free history. Help your teen keep a clean driving record — no citations, tickets, or at-fault accidents — in order to receive this discount. The discount amount often varies by company.


Choose the right vehicle

Don’t let your 16-year-old drive the brand new truck. Teens are historically bad drivers so it’s in your best interest to have them drive a less expensive vehicle such as a used sedan or SUV than something that will require in a higher premium. Learn more about auto insurance for teens.


What's next?

Your car insurance changes as you do. Consider any life-changing event an opportunity to examine your insurance needs. Getting married, buying a home, having children, and adding your teen drivers to your policy are major personal and insurance milestones. Start by assessing rates from GEICO and Progressive before shopping around with as many insurance companies as possible to ensure you find the best coverage at the most affordable cost.

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Recent Questions:

Best Car Insurance for Families

If a vehicle is in my name can my mom insure it with us both listed as drivers?

You want to get insurance in the name of the person who the car is registered under. Then you can add the other person as a driver onto that policy, so you will both be covered to drive.

If my car was hit by a family member, can I claim the damage with my insurance company to help them avoid a higher rate?

You could claim the damage as a hit-and-run, but that's technically not what happened so I would avoid lying to your insurance company. I would recommend getting a repair estimate first so you can factor that into your decision.

My two kids live at home and drive my cars. Should I give the cars to them and have them handle their own insurance?

If you want to transfer the titles, you can do that through your state's DMV. The kids would list themselves on the policy only and remove themselves from your policy since the cars are no longer under your name.

Could my parents' premium increase if I reported an accident to the insurance company but decided to repair the car out of pocket?

The claim can still show up on your insurance report but it would show that $0.00 was paid on the claim. Having said that, it can still impact your rate for up to five years.

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