Car Insurance Rates By Marital/Familial Status

Why do married drivers pay less for car insurance?

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How does your relationship status affect auto insurance rates?

Your personal relationship status does have an impact on what you pay for car insurance. Because married drivers are seen as more financially stable and safer drivers, they typically pay less for car insurance. On average, a married driver pays $75 less per year for car insurance than does a single, widowed, or divorced driver. Let’s explore car insurance rates by marital status and tips to save, no matter your marital status.


  1. Average car insurance cost for married couples
  2. Average car insurance cost for a single driver
  3. Divorce and car insurance
  4. Car insurance after widowed


Do married couples pay less for car insurance?

The average married couple pays $186 per month for car insurance — or $1,116 for a standard six-month policy. This rate is relatively reasonable because data paint married drivers as "safe" insurance clients. Married people are often homeowners and will bundle their policies, cover multiple vehicles, and insure more than one driver on one policy, i.e., the policyholder and their spouse.

Data show married couples file fewer claims than single, divorced, or widowed drivers. These factors contribute to their classification as less-risky insurance clients.

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How much do single drivers pay for car insurance?

The average single driver in the US pays $1,470 per year for car insurance — about $735 for a standard six-month policy. Depending on your age, credit score, driving history, and vehicle, your premium may differ, as this data is based on a national average (methodology here).

For more information regarding car insurance as a single driver, see our articles below.


How does car insurance change after a divorce?

The average divorced driver in the US pays $1,467 per year for car insurance. This is $86 more than a married driver. It’s important to consider that you’re not being punished for being divorced. This is simply a reflection of historical data and statistical correlation. Divorced drivers file more claims than do married drivers. Thus, their premiums are slightly higher than married drivers.

However, there are some ways to lower your premium after a divorce. Check out our guide to see tips on how to handle your policy.


Car insurance for widowed drivers

There is the least premium difference between married drivers and widowed drivers. On average, widowers pay $1,431 per year for car insurance — about $50 more than a married driver. Like other marital statuses, this has to do with the risk profile of a widowed client. While not as risky as a divorced or single driver, a widowed driver is statistically more likely to get into an accident and file a claim than a married driver. Thus, the more expensive premium.

The death of an insurance policyholder comes with some implications.  Reference our guide to finding cheap car insurance quotes and handling insurance changes after the death of a spouse.

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