Can I get car insurance if my spouse has a revoked license?

My wife has a revoked license but mine is valid and every company I talked to denied me for a policy. I have no accidents or tickets and no points on my license nor do i have any court fines. Why can't I get covered?

Sep 12, 2016 Walden, NY

Neil Richardson

Sep 12, 2016

Most companies will not insure a driver with a revoked license, even if there is a driver on the policy whose license is valid. Your spouse must be listed on your policy since you are married, but she does not have to be covered as a driver. You can request to have your wife excluded from coverage (or some variation of an exclusion) and this should alleviate the issue of being denied a policy. Obviously she would not be covered to drive the vehicle, but her driving record and license status won't work against you. Best of luck!

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