Do I have to list my spouse on my policy if she isn't driving?

My wife is disabled and doesn't drive. I don't think I should have to list her since she doesn't have a license and hasn't driven a car in over 15 years. I don't want to pay more on my car insurance to have her listed when she will never be driving my car. What can I do?

Feb 14, 2016 Lake Charles, LA

Neil Richardson

Feb 14, 2016

Your spouse must be listed on your insurance policy regardless of driving status. Since insurance is all about properly rating risk, companies will require that your spouse be listed on your policy to know who they are and are not covering. In most instances, if your spouse won't be driving then you can have her excluded from coverage, meaning that she is listed as your spouse but expressly excluded from being covered as a driver on your policy and, therefore, won't affect your rate as a driver. It is important to specify that if anyone is excluded on your policy that they WILL NOT be covered if they drive your car for any reason.

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