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What is a home insurance policy?

Your homeowners insurance policy outlines your coverages, including limits and stipulations, that are included as part of your insurance protection for you and your home. Learn more about how to read a homeowners insurance policy.


Common homeowners policy types

You may come across these terms while shopping for home insurance. The different tiers of these policies dictate what's covered and what perils you're covered for. What is a peril?

Homeowners PoliciesOther Policies
What is an HO-1 insurance policy?What is an HO-7 insurance policy?
What is an HO-2 insurance policy?What is an HO-8 insurance policy?
What is an HO-3 insurance policy?Landlord and rental property insurance
What is an HO-5 insurance policy?Vacant home insurance
 Insurance for a second home
 High-value homeowners insurance
 High-risk homeowners insurance


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