Change of address checklist: 12 places to notify when you move

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We know that moving is stressful for a number of reasons, one being all the tiny details that need to come together in order to get comfortable in new surroundings. The key to staying sane (and not ripping your hair out) is keeping organized as the list of to-do’s can easily overwhelm even the most Type-A individuals among us.

If you’ve recently relocated or are planning to move to a new home or apartment soon, our free printables below can help make sure you’ve notified all of the right people. Skipping a step could put your identity at risk.

Who to notify when you move homes or apartments

Changing your address is an essential task to track important documents, keep your identity safe and make sure the lights turn on in your new home. For a successful and safe transition, you’ll need to let everyone from your bank to the government know where you are.

Here’s who to notify when moving addresses:

1. Your home or rental insurance company

It’s important to notify your home or renters insurance policyholder before you move so your coverage will kick in upon arrival. Remember that you’ll likely need to purchase separate insurance for the move itself, since your homeowners or renters insurance often won’t cover damage resulting from a move or moving company.

Here are some insurance policy holders you’ll need to notify in a move:

  • Homeowners insurance/renters insurance
  • Car insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Medical insurance

Failing to update your address with your insurance companies can result in a voided policy and, in more extreme cases, insurance fraud charges.

2. The USPS

The only way to ensure your mail reaches you at a new address is to set up a mail forward through the United States Postal Service. Check this item off your to-do list in minutes by completing a change-of-address form online. Mail will be forwarded from your old address to your new address for six months to a year.

3. The IRS

The government can’t send you a tax return (or a stimulus check) if your current address isn’t on file. Make sure to update your address electronically using a Form 8822. If you haven’t done so already, take this time to link your tax return electronically to a bank account so you can get money from the IRS wired to you instantly.

4. Your employer

If you are relocating for a new job, notify both your previous employer and your new employer of your new address two weeks before you move. Your previous employer may have tax documents and other important information to send you after you’ve been moved out of the HR system.

5. Financial institutions

Protect yourself from identity theft by giving your new address to your bank, credit card companies and any other financial institutions you use. Mail theft is one of the most common ways identity theft occurs, so the best way to prevent sensitive information from being exposed through the mail is to keep your updated address on file.

Here are some financial institutions you won’t want to miss:

  • Bank
  • Credit card company or companies
  • Lenders
  • Investments
  • Tax preparation services

Many of these financial institutions now allow you to update your address instantly online using their secured network.

6. DMV

In most states, you must update the DMV of an address change within 30 days of the move, even if you’re moving within city limits. If you are moving out of state lines with a licensed vehicle typically a vehicle registration update is also required.

Here are some documents you can update while you’re at the DMV:

  • Drivers license
  • Vehicle registration
  • Voters registration
  • Passport

Save yourself time by making an appointment and bringing required documents with you.

7. Social Security and other benefits

If you receive benefits from the government, such as Social Security, update your address as soon as you move to continue receiving these payments. The Social Security Administration has a free online form you can use to update your contact information.

You’ll need to update your address on file if you receive any of the following:

  • Retirement
  • Disability
  • Medicare
  • Survivor Benefits
  • Supplemental Security Income

Even if you receive benefits via direct deposit, the SSA states on their website that they will stop your benefits if they can’t contact you by mail.

8. Utilities

You’ll need to change your address with all of your utility companies to get water and electricity at your new place. You should do this at least one month before a move to make sure you can get necessary services turned on in time.

Some common utility bills include:

Depending on your location, you may be able to simply transfer most or all of your utility services via phone or online. If you are moving across city or state lines, or transitioning from a home to apartment (or vice versa) you’ll likely need to cancel utility services in your old city and start new accounts with your new local utility company.

9. Cable and internet

In addition to utilities, don’t forget about add-ons such as cable and internet (if your house is equipped with these features). If you work from home or want to stream instantly, you’ll need both your cable and internet connection transferred over to your new address before you move in, or on the day of. This may require a professional appointment so we recommend calling two to three weeks before your move date.

10. Subscription services

Change your subscription service address as soon as you move to prevent delivery packages or magazines and catalogues ending up on the wrong doorstep. It’s even more urgent to change your address if you regularly receive food deliveries or other perishable items.

Popular subscription services include:

  • Ecommerce: Amazon Prime
  • Subscription boxes: HelloFresh, Blue Apron, Dollar Shave Club, BarkBox
  • Streaming services: Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Showtime
  • Print subscriptions: Magazines, newspapers

You should be able to update most, if not all, of your subscription services online via email or an online change of address form. You can also call the vendor and request the subscription be transferred over the phone.

11. Apps

Prevent Waze from routing you to your old place during a traffic jam by checking this task off on move-in day. You’ll thank yourself later for inputting your current location as your home address on map and transportation apps.

Some popular apps to update the home address on include:

  • Map apps: Waze, Google Maps, Apple Maps
  • Transportation apps: Uber, Lyft
  • Smart home apps: TV, thermostat, lights, speakers

12. Doctors and dentists

In order to send you reminders about semi-annuals and checkups, both your primary care doctor and dentist will need your new home address. You should also contact any specialty doctors or other individual providers you meet with once a year or more. If you have pets, make sure to contact your veterinarian to notify them of the change as well.

We’ve made this free checklist to keep you on the grid in your new digs. Print this out one month before your move and get to work!

change of address checklist


Change of address checklist

Acknowledge your new neighbors

Whether you are a social butterfly in search of neighborhood block parties or simply looking for someone to water your lawn when you’re out of town, your new neighbors could play a big role in daily life at your new address. 

Say hello to your new neighbors with this free printable announcement card. Print on card stock and customize your welcome with your name and contact information. 

Who to notify when you move


New neighbor announcement

Your next-door neighbors could become your new best friends or your worst enemy. Start this relationship off on the right foot with a warm “hello” when you move in.

Don’t forget about snail mail!

If you’re hoping for any housewarming gifts or heartwarming holiday cards, make sure to give friends and family your new address sooner rather than later. We recommend sending out a new address card the day you can begin to receive mail at your new address. 
Address change checklist


Moving announcement postcard

Pass along details about your new happy place with our free printable announcement. Print on card stock for postcard quality and then fill in your new address before adding a stamp to send through snail mail.

More free moving printables

The key to a successful and stress-free move is keeping everything organized on the go. Complete a home inventory when you move into your new home to make sure you’ve kept track of all of your important documents during the move.

If you use a new home binder or planner, you’ll love our moving stickers to keep track of tasks. Print these free stickers on sticker paper and cut along the dotted lines to use:

Moving address checklist


We’ll just come right out and say it: Moving stinks, but it’s worth the reward. Whether you are settling in a few streets away or across the country, or buying your first home as a newlywed or all by yourself, moving gives you a new perspective – and it can also be a great real estate investment.

Settle in stress-free by changing your address the right way, and keep your belongings protected by purchasing home insurance or renters insurance ahead of the move.