How do smart highways work? (Animated infographic)

Smart highways are the future for smart cities and a more connected world. But what are smart highways and how do they w ...

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woman driving a car with two kids in the backseat


Road to (almost) nowhere: What to do when you can’t get out of the car

Can't get out of the car? No problem. Try these safe (and fun!) road trip excursions.

Male hand holding manual gearbox in car, test drive of new automobile, closeup


How to Drive Stick Shift in 12 Easy Steps

There are plenty of reasons why it’s worth the struggle to learn to “drive standard.” Here's what you need to kno ...

buying a new car


Should You Buy a New Or Used Car? Here Are All The Factors You Need to Consider

Making the decision to get a new (or new to you) vehicle can be exciting . . . or terrifying. Here's our guide to cons ...


Is Driving Barefoot Illegal in Your State?

Maybe you've done it. Maybe you've only just thought about it. Could a cop ticket you for driving barefoot? Let's find ...

distracted driving on a cellphone in traffic


Ticketed for distracted driving? Prepare to pay 23% more for car insurance [STUDY]

One-quarter of drivers use their phones because they get bored. We determined the worst cities for distracted driving ...

Image of giraffes and zebras at the zoo


Cougars and vipers and beetles, oh my! A menagerie of animal-named cars

Join us for a drive through the animal kingdom of automobiles to find out who's the real king of the jungle.

Car Insurance

Ask An Agent: How do I save money on car insurance?

Want to learn some of the best ways to save on car insurance? Learn from our agents in this video.

angry frustrated driver in car


Survey Finds 38% of Americans Make Rude Gestures While Driving

Road rage is illegal, dangerous, and it can turn deadly. Learn how road rage can impact your wallet and record.

How hydrogen cars work


How Do Hydrogen Cars Work? (Animation)

Hydrogen cars are energy-efficient vehicles that use hydrogen fuel for motive power. Here's how they work.

cars parallel parked on street


[POLL] Nearly Half of Americans Have “Parallelophobia”

Scared of parallel parking? You're not alone.

building with solar panels smart city


What is a Smart City? [Infographic]

Find out what makes a city "smart" and how everyone can benefit from these connected cities.

rideshare seatbelt survey


Seat Belt Sabotage: Roughly 1/3 of Americans Don’t Buckle up in Rideshares

Rideshare passengers are less likely to buckle up. Find out the risks of skipping the seat belt in the back seat.

no passing road sign


FAIL: Half of Americans Flunked Our Road Sign Test

Not knowing these road signs can cost you hundreds of dollars or more. Can you pass the test?

woman driving


[STUDY] Men Are More Confident Drivers, but Data Shows Women Are Safer

Is confidence the key to safer driving? Our study may have found otherwise.

future of transportation


Future Transportation: These Emerging Technology Trends Will Transform Our Roads and Skies

From hyperloops to flying taxis, explore what the future of transportation holds.

car driving in snow


13 Essentials for Your Car’s Winter Emergency Kit (+Checklist)

Pack up these essentials to keep you warm and safe during winter weather.


13 Ways to Make Your Car More Eco-Friendly and Fuel Efficient

Learn how you can take steps to make your driving more sustainable with these eco-friendly driving tips.

police car flashing lights


States With the Most Drunk Driving Problems (2020)

Drinking and driving is a nationwide issue but the prevalence of drunk driving varies from state to state. Find out wh ...