Survey Finds 38% of Americans Make Rude Gestures While Driving

Road rage is illegal, dangerous, and it can turn deadly. Learn how road rage can impact your wallet and record.

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How Do Hydrogen Cars Work? (Animation)

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[POLL] Nearly Half of Americans Have “Parallelophobia”

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What is a Smart City? [Infographic]

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Seat Belt Sabotage: Roughly 1/3 of Americans Don’t Buckle up in Rideshares

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FAIL: Half of Americans Flunked Our Road Sign Test

Not knowing these road signs can cost you hundreds of dollars or more. Can you pass the test?

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[STUDY] Men Are More Confident Drivers, but Data Shows Women Are Safer

Is confidence the key to safer driving? Our study may have found otherwise.

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Future Transportation: These Emerging Technology Trends Will Transform Our Roads and Skies

From hyperloops to flying taxis, explore what the future of transportation holds.

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13 Essentials for Your Car’s Winter Emergency Kit (+Checklist)

Pack up these essentials to keep you warm and safe during winter weather.


13 Ways to Make Your Car More Eco-Friendly and Fuel Efficient

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States With the Most Drunk Driving Problems (2020)

Drinking and driving is a nationwide issue but the prevalence of drunk driving varies from state to state. Find out wh ...

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Driving while stressed? Here’s a surefire way to calm down behind the wheel

With drivers more frustrated than ever, here's one method many say helps them soothe stress.

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Americans in a Hurry: Most US Drivers Unwilling to Give Up the Right to Speed

Could speed limiters become mandatory in a country renowned for its freedoms?

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[SURVEY] Could You Fall Asleep in a Self-Driving Car?

Companies are working towards the release of driverless cars that could free up drive time for a range of activities.


Road Sign Test + FREE QUIZ

It's time to demonstrate your knowledge behind the wheel.


Our Cars Are Getting Better; Our Driving Is Getting Worse

Your car is as safe as it’s ever been. So why have road deaths in the U.S. increased?