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Foremost Insurance at a glance

A member of the Farmers Insurance Group, Foremost Insurance has offered an array of insurance coverage options since 1952. While Foremost is known for its RV and mobile home insurance offerings (in a partnership with AARP), the company's home and auto insurance options are also popular. 

For car insurance, Foremost partners with another reputable provider, Bristol West, to insure high-risk drivers who may struggle with finding insurance elsewhere. Similarly, its homeowners insurance policies are aimed at non-standard customers who might have trouble finding affordable insurance coverage from a standard or preferred carrier. 

Read our Foremost Insurance review below to get a better sense of the company's home and auto insurance options and what you can expect as a Foremost customer.

Good for:
Bad for:
  • Non-standard insurance applicants
  • Policyholders with past claims history or poor credit
  • Drivers and homeowners with basic coverage needs
  • Those who qualify for standard or preferred coverage options
  • Those seeking robust online features or mobile apps
  • Budget-concious homeowners

Foremost auto insurance review

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3.5 Rating from The Zebra

Foremost Insurance — an affiliate of Bristol West — is a solid car insurance option for high-risk drivers. While it may offer more perks and coverage options than some non-standard insurance companies, Foremost remains more limited than most of the bigger providers like GEICO. Read on to find out more about coverage options and the customer experience to see if Foremost Insurance is a suitable option for you.

  • Customer Service (JD Power) — Not Rated
  • Financial Strength (AM Best) — Excellent: With a financial rating of “excellent,” you can rest assured Foremost will be able to handle your claims.
  • Claims Satisfaction (NAIC) — Good: Foremost receives fewer complaints than average.
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Foremost auto insurance coverage options

Foremost auto insurance provides many of the standard coverage options you would expect from a car insurance carrier, including liability coverage (both bodily injury and property damage), comprehensive and collision and uninsured/underinsured coverage.

Rental reimbursement

If you experience an auto accident and need to rent a vehicle during repairs, Foremost will cover up to $50 per day for 30 days.

Roadside service

Towing and roadside assistance are available to Foremost customers up to the policy limits.

Loan/lease coverage

If your lease or financed vehicle is deemed a total loss after an accident, Foremost will cover the difference between what you owe on the vehicle and what your insurance pays, minus your collision or comprehensive deductible. 

Medical payments

This coverage will pay up to $10,000 in medical care should you suffer an injury in an accident.

One household, one policy

Your Foremost Insurance policy covers all included vehicles on a single bill, meaning that you won’t have to worry about separate renewals or effective dates. 

Where is Foremost insurance available?

Foremost car insurance is available in all 50 states and Washington D.C.

Foremost car insurance discounts 

Foremost offers the chance to save on the cost of your insurance coverage. Have a look at some of the ways that you can keep that hard-earned money in your pocket.

  • Electronic pay — By paying securely online, you can expect to see savings.
  • Multiple policies — Bundle your auto and home insurance for a discount through Foremost Insurance.
  • Multiple cars — Save by insuring multiple vehicles through Foremost.
  • Kids away at school — If you have kids away at college, you may be able to save on your car insurance premiums.
  • Paid in full — Get a discount paying your full premium in advance.
  • Switching from another company — If you are coming to Foremost from another company, you can expect to see savings.
  • Good driving record — If you are able to keep a good driving record, you can expect to save. This begins with three years of clean driving, with the possibility of further discounts at the five-year mark.

Foremost online and mobile app

Compared with many insurance companies, Foremost’s online features are rather limited. Below you’ll find some of the tech features of which Foremost customers can take advantage. 

  • Online bill-pay
  • Claims portal

The Foremost mobile app allows policyholders to manage their insurance policies, review bills and make payments, view ID cards, contact their insurance agent, file a claim and check claim status and request roadside assistance. 

Foremost Insurance bundling options

Foremost Insurance is well-known for its variety of coverages. Many of these coverage types can be bundled together under the same policy. This can potentially save you money and make keeping track of your coverage even easier. Have a look at the coverage options offered by Foremost below.

Property Other RV
  • Motor home
  • Travel trailer
  • 5th wheel
  • Luxury motor coach

Protect your car with the right coverage at the best value.

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Foremost homeowners insurance review

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3.5 Rating from The Zebra

Foremost home insurance has been developed with the non-standard customer in mind. In general, coverage options are more limited than with many standard or preferred insurance providers. Still, those who struggle to find homeowners insurance due to credit issues or have homes that other carriers refuse to carry could find Foremost to be an option. 

The company offers two basic home insurance packages, Foremost Classic ACV and Foremost Classic CL. These baseline packages have a small number of endorsements that can be added to bolster coverage, though some homeowners looking for more robust coverage should look elsewhere. Being a part of the Farmers Insurance Group, customers need not worry about the financial integrity of the company, though the cost and the lack of extensive coverage options may give pause to many.

Overall, with many years of experience in the market — and being under the umbrella of one of the largest insurers in the United States — Foremost homeowners coverage can be a reasonable choice for those who struggle to find affordable insurance coverage among standard insurance providers.

  • Customer Service (JD Power) — Not Rated
  • Financial Strength (AM Best) — Excellent: With a financial rating of “excellent,” you can rest assured Foremost will be able to handle your claims.
  • Claims Satisfaction (NAIC) — Good: Foremost receives fewer complaints than average.
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Foremost home insurance coverage options

Foremost offers coverage options for the non-standard homeowner. These policies are designed for low-cost homes or for those who may have been rejected by other insurance companies. Policies contain standard coverages such as dwellingother structurespersonal property, and liability. Below you’ll find the available options offered by Foremost.

Foremost Classic ACV (Actual cash value)

Homeowners that choose this coverage may include those with low-value or older homes. If your home is damaged or destroyed by a covered peril, actual cash value will only pay up to the value of your home, which may not be enough to cover the full cost of replacement. This policy covers your personal property on a named peril basis, which is not as robust as open peril coverage found on many standard insurance policies. 

Optional add-on coverage for a Foremost Classic ACV policy:
  • Replacement cost coverage for personal property
Foremost Classic CL

Foremost Classic CL is a replacement cost value home insurance product, meaning that it will cover the full cost to replace your home if it is damaged or destroyed. It is essentially an HO-3 policy, but put together with a focus on customers who may not otherwise qualify for a standard homeowners insurance policy, likely due to credit or other issues. Personal property, however, is still covered at actual cash value unless you choose to upgrade to replacement cost coverage.

Optional add-on coverage for a Foremost Classic CL policy:

Foremost home insurance discounts

Foremost does not advertise a great deal of information about homeowners insurance discounts. However, policyholders should look into the following ways to save money on your insurance rates:

  • Multi-policy: Bundling multiple policy types can be a great way to bring rates down. 
  • Claims-free: Having few claims can keep your rates from going up.
  • High deductible: Your homeowners insurance rates are directly proportional to your deductible, meaning a higher deductible will lead to lower rates.

Compare insurance rates quickly and easily.

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Foremost home insurance rates

See how Foremost Insurance stacks up when compared to other popular home insurance companies. Rates below are based on the national average of what consumers pay per month for homeowners coverage.

Foremost vs. Competitors.png
Insurance Company
Average Monthly Cost
Foremost $256
AAA $109
Allstate $119
Farmers $161
Liberty Mutual $133
Nationwide $116
Safeco $107
State Farm $139

How to cancel a Foremost Insurance policy

Cancel your Formost Insurance policy by speaking with your local Foremost insurance agent or contact a representative at 1-800-532-4221. Your agent or representative can determine if you will need to pay any cancellation fees or if you are owed a refund on premiums already-paid. It's important to have new insurance coverage in place before canceling your current policy.

When canceling your Foremost Insurance policy, follow these steps:

  1. Provide the policy number and other important customer details
  2. Ask that your contract and any recurring payments be canceled
  3. Answer any follow-up questions truthfully
  4. Request that a confirmation email be sent to verify cancellation

Can I cancel my Foremost Insurance policy in the middle of my policy term?

Yes. Foremost Insurance policies can be canceled at any time during your policy term. While it's usually best to cancel your policy near the end of its term, Foremost allows for flexible cancellation, though fees may apply. However, before you cancel your Foremost coverage, it's crucial that you have another policy in place to avoid gaps in your insurance coverage. Start the process by comparing quotes and obtaining new coverage before terminating your Foremost policy. This can help you avoid increases in your insurance rates or — for car insurance — penalties from your state's DMV. 

Weigh your options and get the best value from your next insurance policy.

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