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Auto Insurance in Waterbury, Connecticut

Waterbury premiums are $378 greater than the average in Connecticut, which is why the city is recognized for its expensive premiums, so saving while insuring a vehicle in Waterbury is important. Going over some ways to save on Waterbury car insurance can save you some hard-earned money.


Waterbury Average (annual) Connecticut Average National Average
$1,922 $1,544 $1,548


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Waterbury Car Insurance by Accident or Violation History

Accidents and violations on your record can cost you in terms of premiums. Compared to at-fault accidents with damages less than $1,000, accidents with damages exceeding $2,000 cost you another 2% per year in premiums. In Waterbury, drivers with a DUI need to spend nearly double the average for the city to insure their vehicle. Reckless driving will bump your rates up as well, with typical rates of $3,526!

  • DUI: $3,577
  • Reckless Driving: $3,526
  • At-fault Accident (damages less than $1000): $2,844
  • At-fault Accident (damages greater than $2000): $2,901
  • Speeding Ticket (16-20 mph over speed limit): $2,261

Get more info on how a bad driving history can impact your car insurance costs.



Waterbury Car Insurance by Credit Rating

Improving your credit tier from Very Poor credit (300-579) to Exceptional credit (800-850) can save you 53% each year on premiums. Drivers can save an average of $473 per year when they upgrade their credit tier from Very Poor (300-579) to Fair (580-669).

  • Very Poor: $3,642
  • Fair: $3,012
  • Good: $2,479
  • Very Good: $2,006
  • Exceptional: $1,701

Learn more about the relationship between poor credit and car insurance.



Waterbury Car Insurance by Age

Teenage drivers have the highest rates amongst all the age groups, with car insurance payments of $8,314 on average. The largest decrease in premiums for Waterbury drivers happens when they reach their 20s. Once out of the teenage age bracket, they save, on average, $5,693 on car insurance. Car insurance premiums continue to trend downward up until drivers turn 60. Among all age groups, drivers in their 50s have the lowest insurance rates, with rates of $1,771/year. People in their 40s ($1,838) and 60s ($1,840) aren’t paying much more.

  • Teenagers: $8,314
  • 20s: $2,621
  • 30s: $1,897
  • 40s: $1,838
  • 50s: $1,771
  • 60s: $1,840
  • 70s: $2,411

Learn more about the impact of age on auto insurance rates.



Waterbury Car Insurance by Gender and Marital Status

In Waterbury, both marital status and gender can play a role in your car insurance premiums. Premiums are cheaper for women than for men. Women typically pay $31 less than men each year for insurance. There is no difference in rates between those who are single and those who are widowed or divorced. In contrast, you spend roughly 5% more per year if you're single as opposed to married.

  • Female: $1,891
  • Male: $1,922
  • Single: $1,922
  • Married: $1,824
  • Divorced: $1,922
  • Widowed: $1,922

Learn more about how gender and marital status have on car insurance rates.


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