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The best car insurance apps and online experiences ranked

As the insurance industry becomes more innovative and competitive, newer and legacy carriers alike have turned to technology to increase profits, efficiency and the customer experience. 

The Zebra's Customer Satisfaction Survey asked respondents to report on their experience with their insurance company's online presence, including the company's website, mobile app or telematics program.

Find below a list of the car insurance companies with the best online experience, according to our survey.

1st place medal

This year, USAA unseated GEICO to become the company providing the highest-rated online and app experience.

2nd place medal
State Farm

State Farm moved up this year to take 2nd place overall in the tech category.

3rd place medal

GEICO moves down to a respectable 3rd place in the tech category for 2022.

Zebra Tip: Find an insurer with a good online and mobile experience

Having an app and having a good app are two very different things. A good online and mobile experience can simplify the insurance process and save you time and headaches. Car insurance apps or web portals should allow customers to easily update coverage, make payments, call for roadside assistance (if applicable) and even make claims.

The Zebra Customer Satisfaction Survey: online satisfaction

The Zebra conducted a survey to get a better sense of the overall experience customers had with insurance companies. One facet of this survey was in regards to the carriers' online and mobile experience. 

Below, you'll find the complete list of ratings for all 15 carriers included in our survey.

Rank Company Average Online Satisfaction Rating (out of 5)
1st USAA 4.6
2nd State Farm 4.5
3rd GEICO 4.5
4th Allstate 4.5
5th Progressive 4.4
6th American Family 4.4
7th Farmers 4.3
8th Nationwide 4.3
9th Kemper 4.3
10th Auto-Owners 4.3
11th Liberty Mutual 4.2
12th Travelers 4.2
13th Erie 4.1
14th Auto Club (AAA) 4.1
15th National General 4.1

The Zebra Customer Satisfaction Survey methodology


These results are based on a survey of 2,722 U.S. insurance policyholders assessing satisfaction with their car and homeowners insurance providers. The survey was conducted using Survey Monkey and designed by our in-house team. It aimed to collect detailed insights from a census-balanced sample reflecting age, gender, and region.


The questionnaire included demographic questions about age and gender identification and detailed inquiries into insurance experiences. Key topics:

  • Duration with insurance provider and coverage specifics, including teen drivers.
  • Claim filing experiences and satisfaction with claims handling.
  • Customer service interactions, trust in providers, and likelihood of recommending their insurance.
  • Use and satisfaction with digital tools and usage-based insurance programs.

Respondents rated their satisfaction on a Likert scale from 1 to 10 and provided qualitative feedback.

Data Analysis

Data were analyzed focusing on descriptive and inferential statistics to identify satisfaction trends and demographic impacts. Data cleaning and weighting were applied to ensure accuracy, alongside strict confidentiality protocols to protect data security.

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The best car insurance apps

While most insurers offer a mobile app, the following companies receive the highest scores for the mobile and online experience. Below, you’ll find a comprehensive list of ratings for the apps of the top five highest-rated car insurance companies in our annual survey, along with ratings from both the Apple and Google Play stores.

USAA — 4.6

USAA came in first place overall for online satisfaction in The Zebra's Customer Satisfaction Survey with a score of 4.6. Read more about the company's mobile options and other customer ratings below.

USAA mobile app

Due to the nature of USAA's broader financial product offerings, its mobile app is a little more involved than those of other insurers. USAA members can access banking information (through USAA) as well as insurance. Users can access ID cards, report claims and request roadside assistance.

App store ratings:
  • Apple Store: 4.8
  • Google Play: 4.3
USAA SafePilot

The USAA SafePilot is a part of the company's telematics program. In general, the app monitors your driving habits to provide a rate more reflective of your risk level. The company states that members who enroll could save up to 10%.

App store ratings:
  • Apple Store: 4.3

  • Google Play: 3.9

What is a telematics program?

Telematics car insurance programs use data collected from either a mobile or plug-in device that monitors your driving. This information can be used to determine your overall level of risk, helping insurers better determine a fair car insurance rate. In general, low-mileage and safe drivers tend to see the most benefit from telematics car insurance.


State Farm — 4.5

This year, State Farm moved up to second place for online satisfaction. More so than many insurance companies, State Farm has truly embraced mobile apps, offering no fewer than five separate apps to choose from. Read about some of them in more detail below.

State Farm mobile app

The State Farm mobile app is the primary app used by most State Farm customers. It is similar to most other car insurance apps in that it allows users to pay bills, view ID cards, file claims and request roadside assistance.

App store ratings:
  • Apple Store: 4.8

  • Google Play: 4.6
State Farm Drive Safe & Save™

The State Farm Drive Safe & Save™ app is State Farm's telematics offering. Customers can use the app to record driving habits and get tips based on how they drive. This app allows customers to a discount on car insurance premiums just for signing up.

App store ratings:
  • Apple Store: 4.6
  • Google Play: 4.1

GEICO — 4.5

GEICO dropped a few places this year, but still stays in the top three companies with the best scores for online satisfaction. The company's individual mobile apps are also rated well on app stores. Find out more information about each below.

GEICO Mobile

The GEICO mobile app acts as the customer's main hub for their insurance needs. Users have access to policy information, including ID cards, payment info and coverage types. The app also allows users to add drivers and vehicles to their policy and make updates to their coverage. There are also links that allow customers to get roadside help and even make claims through the app. 

App store ratings:
  • Apple Store:  4.8
  • Google Play: 4.7
GEICO Drive Easy Pro app

The GEICO Drive Easy Pro app is GEICO's telematics program. Through the app, GEICO is able to track your driving habits to provide a more accurate car insurance rate based on the level of risk that you present.

App store ratings:
  • Apple Store: 3.1
  • Google Play: 3.4

Allstate — 4.5

Allstate cracked the top five this year, placing fourth in The Zebra's Customer Satisfaction Survey for the best online experience. Like most insurers, the company's app offers a wide array of features aimed at functionality and convenience. Read more about Allstate's mobile app below.

Allstate Mobile

Unlike many other carriers, Allstate's telematics program, Drivewise, is included in the company's main mobile app. Along with access to telematics options, customers can access id cards, roadside assistance and claims. 

App store ratings:
  • Apple Store: 4.8
  • Google Play: 3.8

Progressive — 4.4

Progressive came in fifth place for overall online satisfaction. The company's app selection and functionality are on par with many other top insurance companies. Read more about Progressive's mobile apps below.

Progressive moblie app

The Progressive mobile app allows customers to view and update coverages, report claims, make payments, view ID cards and more. New users can also use the app to get a car insurance quote directly from Progressive.

App store ratings:
  • Apple Store: 4.6

  • Google Play: 4.7

Progressive Snapshot app

As a part of the company's telematics program, the Progressive Snapshot app measures the driver's habits to provide a more accurate insurance rate. Policyholders who enroll in the program can complete a designated "driving period" in which the company tracks your driving data. Safer drivers could potentially see savings. The app is also available to non-customers interested in a "road test" that could lead to a discount when purchasing a policy through Progressive.

App store ratings:
  • Apple Store: 4.5
  • Google Play: 4.0

Car insurance app benefits

In general, car insurance apps are about convenience. Whether through a mobile or desktop portal, car insurance companies have been able to streamline many processes that used to require hands-on or in-person attention. This has made it much easier for the average consumer to both find insurance coverage and make updates. Many apps give you direct access to agents or allow you to contact roadside assistance should you suffer a breakdown.

Most car insurance apps allow you to do the following:

Is a good online experience important for car insurance?

As the insurance industry becomes more technology-focused, online portals and mobile apps are becoming increasingly important.

Not only are most of the larger, legacy carriers now increasingly moving operations online, but many newer insurance startups like Root and Lemonade are almost wholly reliant on the mobile experience. For customers, this kind of streamlining can mean better service and an all-around better experience in everything from getting quotes to filing claims.

When shopping around for a new car insurance company, a good online or mobile experience should be standard for most quality insurers. Remember that insurance companies who have yet to invest in such technology are likely not placing emphasis on a good customer experience in many other areas as well.

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