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Stonegate Insurance earned an overall score of 3.25/5 in The Zebra's review. Read more below to find out if they're the right carrier for you.

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Stonegate Insurance at a glance

Pros Cons
  • Good option for those with clean driving records
  • Independent agents
  • Not a good choice for non-standard drivers
  • Limited information on financial stability and customer satisfaction
  • Only available in Illinois

Stonegate Insurance review

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Primarily offering insurance in the state of Illinois, Stonegate Insurance is a regional insurance company for the standard and preferred consumer market. This means the company primarily does business with drivers typically seen as “responsible” — those with fewer accidents and violations, better credit, and a lengthy history of maintaining insurance, compared to drivers who are considered non-standard.

Stonegate insurance policies can be acquired through a network of independent agents, as online quoting is not yet available. Learn more about this insurance company’s operations, including coverage options, discounts, and customer complaints by reading our Stonegate insurance review below.

JD Power Rating — Not rated

Financial strength — Not rated

NAIC Rating — About average: As logged by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), Stonegate received slightly more customer complaints than the national median.

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Stonegate car insurance coverage options

Auto insurance coverage options offered by Stonegate include the usual suspects: liabilitycollisioncomprehensiveuninsured/underinsured motorist, and medical payments. Towing and rental car expenses are also covered under a Stonegate auto policy. Detailed below are some notable endorsements that may be added to supplement your coverage.

Learn more about common car insurance endorsements.

Custom equipment

Add-ons and other features used to customize or modify your vehicle — like height-extending roofs, pick-up tops, and special carpeting or insulation — are covered by this endorsement.

Deductible waivers

Stonegate offers separate deductible waivers for windshield glass repair and a collision. One caveat to keep in mind for the latter is that it is only applicable if you’re involved in a collision with another car that is insured by Stonegate.

In-car AV and electronic equipment

Permanently installed electronic equipment is covered up to a limit with this endorsement. It also includes media like tapes, records, and discs. Your deductible is not required to use this coverage.

Stonegate auto insurance discounts

Though Stonegate offers fewer discounts than most national insurance providers, there are some standard, common discounts on car insurance to take advantage of to avoid paying full price.

  • Multi-car: Insure more than one car on your policy to get a multi-vehicle discount.
  • Good student: Stonegate will reward your good grades with a lower rate.
  • Defensive driver: Prove you’re a safe, defensive driver by taking an approved course to save on your premium.
  • Anti-theft device: Receive this discount if your vehicle is equipped with an anti-theft device.
  • Senior operator: Older drivers may be eligible for a senior discount.
  • Renewal: Expect some savings when it’s time to renew your policy.
  • Bundling: Pair a Stonegate homeowners policy with your auto to qualify for this bundling discount.

Stonegate homeowners insurance review

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3.5 Rating from The Zebra Question mark icon

Standard home insurance coverages for your dwelling, other structures, personal propertyliabilityloss of use, and medical payments are included as part of a Stonegate homeowners policy. Homeowners in Illinois can also broaden their coverage by opting in for some optional add-ons. To learn more, explore our guide to endorsements for home insurance.

JD Power Rating — Not rated

Financial strength — Not rated

NAIC Rating — About average: As logged by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), Stonegate received slightly more customer complaints than the national median.

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Add-on options

Replacement cost for home contents
Replacement cost for home contents

Losses of personal property are usually paid out on an actual cash value basis, which deducts for depreciation. Replacement cost ensures you receive the full amount required to replace what you lost.

Increased liability limits
Increased liability limits

Boost your liability coverage by extending the limit with this endorsement. If you cause damage to someone else’s property and subsequently face legal repercussions, increased liability coverage will protect you financially.

Scheduled property
Scheduled property

Coverage for certain valuables like jewelry, electronics, and fine art are given sub-limits, meaning your insurer will only cover up to a certain amount regardless of your personal property limit. Having a scheduled property endorsement will loosen these restrictions on the valuables you choose to protect.

Home replacement guarantee
Home replacement guarantee

This endorsement guarantees that even if the cost to rebuild or replace your home surpasses your coverage limit, Stonegate will replace your home regardless.

Stonegate home insurance discounts

Policyholders can be eligible to receive discounts on their Stonegate home insurance policy by way of a credit system. Below are available credits you can qualify for if you choose Stonegate as your homeowners insurance provider.

  • Bundling: Purchase an auto policy alongside your home policy to receive this credit.
  • Deductible: An increased deductible can lead to saving on your premium.
  • Alarm systems: Lessen your risk profile by equipping your home with security or alarm systems to see some savings.
  • Retired homeowner: Folks who are retired can qualify for a reduced rate.
  • Loss-free: Receive this credit if you have a claims-free record. This credit is only available for HO-2HO-3, and HO-6 policies.
  • New home: Just became a homeowner? You may be in luck with a new home discount. This credit is only available for HO-2 and HO-3 policies.

Additional lines of insurance

Along with auto insurance for private passengers and homeowners insurance, Stonegate also includes the following lines of insurance:

  • Commercial automobile coverage
  • Business insurance, including general liability

Is Stonegate Insurance right for you?

If you’re an Illinois resident and want to steer clear of mega-sized, nationally-recognized insurance companies, Stonegate is a viable regional option for home and auto insurance. However, there may be certain risks in choosing a smaller insurance company. For instance, Stonegate’s financial stability is still unknown and unrated; this information is important in determining their ability to pay out claims.

Despite their better-than-average customer complaint rating by the NAIC, customer reviews elsewhere lean negatively, citing unprofessional service from claim agents. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide if what you’re paying in premium is worth the risk of a lesser-known insurance company.

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