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Kin Insurance: review, coverage options and ratings

Kin Insurance review 2020

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4 Rating from The Zebra

Available in Florida — and soon to be launched in California — Kin is a tech-savvy new home insurance provider. Founded in 2016 and based in Chicago, Kin is somewhat unique in that the primary states in which it sells policies are considered “risky” regions: prone to hurricanes, fires, and other severe weather events. Kin prides itself on offering affordable home insurance coverage in these high-risk states. The company claims the average homeowner can save $500 by switching to Kin.

In our review of Kin’s homeowners insurance, we’ll detail coverage options, discounts, and other notable standouts so that you know what to expect as a Kin client.

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JD Power Rating — Not rated

Financial strength —While not currently rated by AM Best — The Zebra's trusted financial rating agency — Kin Insurance is given an A/Exceptional rating by the independent rating agency Demotech. 

NAIC Rating — Above average: Kin received fewer customer complaints than the national median, as logged by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC).

JD Power Rating — Not rated

Financial strength —While not currently rated by AM Best — The Zebra's trusted financial rating agency — Kin Insurance is given an A/Exceptional rating by the independent rating agency Demotech. 

NAIC Rating — Above average: Kin received fewer customer complaints than the national median, as logged by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC).

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Kin homeowners insurance coverage options

Kin relies heavily on data in order to generate your quote. Beginning with your address, Kin pulls property records, real-estate listings, and satellite imagery when determining your rates. Those, along with your own personal information are used to provide a quote. 

All of the standard home insurance coverages can be found at Kin, including coverage for your dwelling, other structures, personal property, personal liability, loss of use, and medical payments. Unlike most insurance companies, Kin only offers insurance based on replacement cost rather than actual cash value, which deducts depreciation from your claim payout. This is beneficial in the event you suffer covered property damage, as it will ensure you get the full amount required to replace what you lost.

Kin offers HO-3 home insurance policies for typical homes — the most common type — but also offers:

  • HO-6: condo insurance
  • HO-7: mobile home policy
  • DP-3: landlord policy (soon to be launched)

Kin does not offer many endorsements or riders to supplement home insurance with additional coverage. Detailed below are two optional coverages offered by Kin. Note: these can be easily found elsewhere:

  • Scheduled property: Valuables like jewelry and antiques come with their own sub-limits, which may not be sufficient to fully replace these items if they’re lost or damaged. This endorsement extends coverage for certain items.
  • Identity fraud protection: This endorsement will cover accrued expenses, like legal costs, should you become a victim of identity theft. Kin will also provide an identity theft specialist to provide guidance during the process of restoring your identity.


Kin flood insurance and hurricane coverage

As an insurance carrier willing to face the risks of insuring clients in coastal regions or potentially hazardous areas vulnerable to natural disasters, Kin conveniently also offers flood insurance as an endorsement — but only in the state of Florida. This private flood insurance option is independent of the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), the typical default option for most homeowners seeking flood insurance.

Like many private flood insurance policies, Kin’s flood coverage waives the 30-day waiting period and covers your property (dwelling, other structures, and personal property) up to your specific coverage limits. By comparison, flood insurance through the NFIP covers up to a maximum of $250,000 for your dwelling and $100,000 for your personal property. If the value of your home and property surpasses the NFIP’s limits, a private flood policy is the best way to protect your home from flood damage.

While hurricane-specific insurance doesn’t exist, wind and hail coverage is part of a standard homeowners policy. In states that have separate hurricane deductibles, Kin lets policyholders choose between the typical amounts — 1 to 10% of your dwelling coverage or a flat rate, depending on your state’s regulations.


Kin insurance discounts

Staying competitive with discounts found at other home insurance providers, Kin offers the following cost-cutting measures for policyholders. These discounts may vary by state.

Discounts based on your home

  • Home security: Equip your home with home security systems or fire alarms to receive this discount.
  • Wind mitigation: This is a home inspection that evaluates and certifies your home’s resilience to windstorms, and can lead to some savings.
  • Fire mitigation: Available for California homeowners, Kin offers a discount if you take measures to make your home more resilient to fire damage, like ember-resistant venting or an annual brush removal contract.
  • Water detection: Qualify for this discount by installing water leak detection systems in your home to prevent water damage.
  • Accredited builder: If your home is a new construction backed by a builder’s warranty, Kin offers a lower premium.
  • Responsible repair: This is Kin’s response to Florida legislation making it harder for contractors to take advantage of homeowners making claims. If you agree not to sign over your claims benefits to a contractor should you need repairs, you can be eligible for this discount.
  • LEED-certified home: Applicable to those in California whose home meets the environmental standards of the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design Green Building Rating System, Kin offers some savings if your home is energy efficient.

Discounts based on your policy or policyholder

  • Claims-free: A common discount for home insurance, you can expect a cheaper premium if you haven’t made a claim in seven years.
  • Electronic policy: Save $10 by enrolling in paperless policy management.
  • Home community: See some savings if you live in an HOA-managed or secured community.
  • New homeowner: Bought your home sometime this past year? Ask about this discount.
  • Mature homeowner: Get a senior discount if you’re over the age of 50.
  • Pay in full: Take care of your premium in full to avoid paying monthly processing fees commonly charged by insurance providers.


Additional lines of insurance

Kin’s pillar insurance product is homeowners insurance, but the company offers other property-specific coverages:


Is Kin right for you?

If you don’t need more than the standard amount of homeowners insurance and live in a state where Kin offers coverage, Kin could be a great option with affordable insurance rates. Considering that they specialize in states that are considered higher-risk — which comes with pricier home insurance rates — it may be a smart decision to choose an insurer like Kin that is familiar with these hazards. Conveniently, you can add a flood insurance endorsement to your home policy for some extra peace of mind, without having to deal with a second monthly insurance bill.

Customer reviews for Kin trend overwhelmingly positive. However, they are not yet rated on their financial strength and overall customer experience by reputable organizations like AM Best and J.D. Power. This may change as this company becomes more established in the insurance space, but it’s something to keep in mind while you’re shopping.

If you’re curious about other options for home insurance, use our handy comparison tool to generate and compare quotes instantly. Click below to get started.


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