Accident as an excluded driver on my parents' policy?

I recently got into an accident in which another driver struck my vehicle. Due to a misunderstanding with the insurance company, my sister and I are excluded drivers from my parents' policy. I called the police, he took statements from both parties and he hinted towards it being the other driver's fault. Now not knowing I was excluded, that's the insurance information that I was giving to the cop, and it's who I called to make a claim. Our insurance however explained that I was excluded and I believe they told the other driver's insurance. Now the other insurance wants a recorded statement from me, and mentioned that I wasn't on my parents' insurance. Can the fact that I was uninsured be used against me even if the other driver is at fault?

Jan 13, 2018 Los Angeles, California

Ava Lynch

Jan 13, 2018

Although you technically do not have insurance, the other driver is still at-fault for the damages and thus has a legal obligation to pay for the damages caused. You might be ticketed for driving without insurance but that shouldn't impact your parent's ability to have the other driver pay for the damages. I recommend getting insurance as quickly as possible. You can compare rates with us here.

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