Can I group multiple accidents into one claim?

I backed into a poll and damaged my rear panel and bumper last night. I also have minor scratches and scuffs on my front bumper that happened in a different accident last year. Would I be able to just pay one comprehensive deductible for these damages?

Nov 19, 2017 Sacramento, California

Ava Lynch

Nov 19, 2017

Unfortunately, you would be filing a collision claim which would be categorized by your insurer as an at-fault accident. This will likely cause your rate to increase. And since you have damage to two different areas of your vehicle that came from separate incidents, your insurance company will require that you file 2 claims, leaving you subject to two deductibles. I would recommend getting a few repair estimates before contacting your company to see if you can afford the repairs yourself or if it is worth the cost of 2 deductibles.

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