Does having car insurance build credit?

I know that credit affects your insurance rate, but I was wondering if maintaining car insurance helps you build credit? Does paying on time, every time help?

Jul 17, 2016 St. Petersburg, FL

Neil Richardson

Jul 17, 2016

You are correct that, in the majority of states, credit has an impact on your overall rate. However, maintaining car insurance and paying your bill on time will not result in a significant impact on your credit score like making timely credit card payments. Your auto insurance policy is not directly tied to your credit the same way as a credit card or loan. Although, if you end up owing money to your insurance company for not paying a bill or some other outstanding balance the bill can be sent to collections, which could negatively impact your credit. Paying your insurance bill on time is good practice and will keep your policy active so you're covered continuously, but it won't do much for your credit score.

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