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How much does it cost to insure a Tesla?

Owning an innovative car comes at a cost — insuring a Tesla is expensive! 

The average cost of Tesla car insurance is $176 monthly – or $2,119 per year. That’s 48% more than the national average for all makes. If you want to save on Tesla auto insurance, try AmTrust, which offers insurance premiums 39% below average. The major insurance companies that charge most for Tesla insurance are Safe Auto Insurance, Shelter, and State Farm — each of these insurers charges more than $2,300 per year on average. 

Tesla is billed as the automobile of the future, boasting next-generation safety, security, and fuel-efficiency features. So why is car insurance for a Tesla so expensive? According to AAA, Tesla owners file more claims — and more costly claims — than do typical drivers. Contributing to the expense of these claims could be the added cost of replacing Tesla's custom, made-in-America parts and high-end electronics. A general rule of thumb: the more expensive the car, the more expensive the insurance — this certainly applies to Tesla models.

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