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How to get affordable renters insurance in Alabama

Renters insurance is a critical — and affordable — form of insurance. It keeps your things safe in the event your rental property suffers damage from a common incident. A renters policy covers your belongings in the event of fire, smoke damage, a wind event, theft, vandalism and a number of other misfortunes.

Unlike auto insurance, renters policies aren’t priced based on state-level legislation. Still, there are relatively large variations in renters insurance prices by state. Renters insurance policy rates in US states diverge depending on the number and value of renters policy claims filed across the state, and depend on the value of the belongings you're insuring.

Getting a renters policy in Alabama is pricier than the national average. The typical annual renters insurance rate in Alabama is $245, $60 more expensive than the average rate across all US states.

The best way to find affordable renters insurance in Alabama is to view prices from multiple insurance companies. Get an idea of how much renters insurance costs in Alabama by referencing the below tables. Individual rates may vary depending on coverage options and the value of the items insured.

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Renters insurance prices in Alabama by company

Rates for renters insurance in Alabama vary depending on which insurance company you select. Cincinnati Insurance offers the cheapest renters policies in Alabama, at just $144 per year. This compares favorably to the state average price of $245, providing a 41% price cut on rates typical to the state.

Start looking for affordable coverage by reviewing the best Alabama carriers, listed below.

Insurance CompanyAverage Annual Rate in Alabama
Cincinnati Insurance$144
State Farm$183

Alabama renters insurance costs by city

Not every city in Alabama has equal renters insurance costs. Prices depend on city-specific variables, such as the number of claims filed nearby, giving your ZIP code weight in deciding how much you pay.

The most affordable renters insurance in Alabama is found in Enterprise. An average renters insurance policy in Enterprise costs just $220 each year — $142 less than the average policy in other Alabama cities. The below cities have the most affordable renters insurance in Alabama.

CityAverage Yearly Renters Insurance Rate
Phenix City$221
Looking for information about renters insurance for a specific city? Take a look at our list of major metropolitan areas in Alabama.
  1. Birmingham


Renters insurance in AL by coverage tier

The cost of your renters insurance depends on the amount of coverage you carry. Common renters insurance tiers are $25,000 and $50,000 property coverage. In Alabama, the difference in annual premium between these two tiers is approximately $91. If you can afford to insure your personal property at this additional expense, it's worth considering.

Coverage LevelAverage Annual Renters Insurance Rate in Alabama
$25K Property$199
$50K Property$290

Tip: bundle auto and renters insurance in Alabama

If you're looking for savings, consider purchasing your renters and auto policies from the same insurance company. Bundling auto and renters insurance in Alabama can save you a substantial sum each month on car insurance. Purchasing bundled policies in Alabama may generate average annual savings of $69.

Avg. Annual Rate (No Bundle)Avg. Annual Rate (w/ Bundle)Annual Savings ($)Annual Savings (%)

Alabama renters insurance FAQs


Is renters insurance required in Alabama?

Renters insurance is not mandatory in Alabama but law but your landlord may require it. Furthermore, it's generally a good idea to buy a renters insurance policy to protect your assets and your liability.

What does Alabama renters insurance cover?

A standard renters policy will cover your liability, personal property, medical payments to others, and additional living expenses.

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