How can I find the exact date of my speeding ticket?

I had a speeding ticket, doing 58mph in a 45mph zone, in Chandler, AZ, in 2016, but not sure of the exact month and day. I missed Defensive Driving class, paid a $245 fine and my insurance premium basically doubled!

Mar 23, 2018 Chandler, AZ

Ava Lynch

Mar 23, 2018

You need to contact the DMV in Arizona. In most cases you can order a record of your driving history - but it might cost a small fee. Another thing to think about is your rate increase. That's a pretty big increase just for a speeding ticket. In 2020, the average increase for a speeding ticket in Arizona was $445 (the average annual rate with no violations being $1,416). If you're interested in looking for a better rate, use The Zebra to compare car insurance prices

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