Can I insure a boat with someone else's name on the title

My father in law gave me his boat but the its still registered in his name. Can I get insurance on it? My father in law gave us the boat to use, it is still registered in his name but its at my house and I am the primary driver. Can I get insurance in my name?

May 31, 2018 Savannah, GA

Ava Lynch

May 31, 2018

You shouldn't have a problem doing that. Since the boat is still registered in your father-in-law's name, you might need to have him listed as an "additional interest" in the policy documentation. What this would mean, if the boat was damaged and you were to receive a payout, your father-in-law would receive the payout before you, as it is registered in his name. If this isn't acceptable to you, I would have your FIL transfer the boat's title to you. Best of luck!

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