Why can I not remove my son from my auto insurance policy with GEICO?

My son was recently added to my policy by GEICO and my rate went from $950 every six months to over $2,300 for the same term. How do I get him off my policy?

Sep 5, 2017 Delray Beach, FL

Neil Richardson

Sep 5, 2017

Generally you can't remove a household member from your policy unless they have their own separate insurance coverage. You should have the option to exclude your son from the policy if you don't want him to impact your rate, but that means he will not be covered to drive any of the vehicles you currently insure. If you do not want your son to be covered and Geico will not exclude him from the policy, your only option is to start shopping for a new company. Unfortunately insuring a teen driver can be extremely expensive because of their lack of driving experience, however, he will probably qualify for much lower rates by being a driver on your policy rather than on his own.

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