If I'm hit my a driver with the same insurance company as mine, do I file the claim under my policy or the other driver's?

My car was rear ended and totaled. The at-fault driver has insurance also with my carrier. If I file on my policy, they say the claim will move more quickly. I am wondering if I will lose anything by doing this?

Sep 25, 2017 Rockledge, FL

Neil Richardson

Sep 25, 2017

Filing the claim on your policy means you are going to have to pay your collision deductible and could possibly impact your rate. Personally, I would not agree to do that. The majority of rear-end collisions are considered to be the fault of the driver in the back, so it should not take them any longer to complete the claims process regardless of which policy is covering the damage. If I were in your position I would stand firm and require that the other driver cover your damage.

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