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Is car insurance a hard or soft credit check?

Is there any insurance companies that don't check for your credit when trying to purchase insurance? I am trying to gain my credit score up but I need insurance and don't won't my score to drop any more

Apr 28, 2018 Salt Lake City, UT

Ava Lynch

Apr 28, 2018

Insurance companies thankfully run a soft credit check. There are companies that do not use credit as a rating factor (as we discuss in our related article), but they are hard to find. So, if you're worried about car insurance companies pulling your credit negatively impacting you, rest assured they only do a soft pull. Credit takes into account hard inquiries which are things like applying for loans. Most insurance companies use soft inquiries and do not look at a full credit report. You can run these insurance quotes with no damage to your credit.

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Should I get insurance or car registration first?

In most states you are required to provide proof that your vehicle is insured before allowing you to register your vehicle. The insurance policy must meet the state's minimum coverage requirement to tag your vehicle so you will want to take your proof of coverage with you to verify your compliance with the law.
Mar 17, 2016 Provo, UT

Does having car insurance build credit?

You are correct that, in the majority of states, credit has an impact on your overall rate. However, maintaining car insurance and paying your bill on time will not result in a significant impact on your credit score like making timely credit card payments.

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