If I hit someone and they don't have car insurance is it still my fault?

I was pulling out of the parking lot at work to deliver food when I had an accident. I looked to my left to see if it was clear and it was. But when I pulled out, I hit a car that was stopped in the middle of the road. I did not see them beforehand and I slammed into the passenger side rear door and the middle of the car. Am I still at fault if they don't have insurance?

Jun 16, 2019 Lancaster, PA

Ross Martin

Jun 16, 2019

If you're determined at-fault in the accident, you are responsible for the other driver's damages regardless of whether or not they're insured. You might be thinking of no-fault insurance, which Pennsylvania has voluntary participation in. This only refers to bodily injury damages and thus wouldn't apply here. Furthermore, since you were technically working when the accident occurred, your employer may have insurance coverage that will cover you. It should be noted, however, that some do not. Your insurance company will almost certainly ask about the nature of your accident. If you only carry a personal policy (as opposed to a commercial one) then you may run into some trouble. For more information on delivery insurance, check the link below:

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