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Can someone with power of attorney make changes to a car insurance policy?

My husband went to prison, but I want to keep his car insured in case we need it for emergencies. I don't drive and don't have my own policy, but I do have power of attorney for my husband. The car won't really be used while he's in jail, but I think I should keep it insured. Can I add my son to the policy so he could drive us in an emergency?

Jun 1, 2023 Louisville, KY

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Nathan Foster

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Thank you for reaching out to The Zebra. These are excellent questions!

Because you have power of attorney, you are legally allowed to make decisions on behalf of your husband. If you contact his insurance company and provide a copy of the power of attorney you should be able to make any changes, like adding your son to the policy. Also, if your son would only be driving in the event of an emergency, your current policy may already include a permissive use clause. It's best to call your insurer to ask about this and get confirmation.

In regards to whether or not you should have insurance on a stagnant vehicle, it's always best to keep the insurance policy in place as this helps to lower your rate for any future policies you may have. Insurance companies provide discounts for customers who maintain continuous insurance (even if the car isn't being actively driven). This way if you do decide to shop around for insurance, you can get a discount. You can also contact your current insurance company to get any recommendations for coverage on the vehicle if it is not being driven. There are different levels of coverage available at different price points, but keep in mind that if the vehicle is being financed or leased there are probably certain requirements from the lender.

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Hope this helps!

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