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How does it work with insurance if I was hit by a moped

If you're struck by a moped and it damaged your vehicle, how do I handle this? If I call my insurance company and file a claim, will my car insurance go up even though I'm not at-fault? The moped struck my vehicle does not have insurance.

Jul 17, 2018 Everett, MA

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Ava Lynch

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The short answer is yes, your premium will go up if you file a claim. Anytime your company has to pay out on a claim your insurance will increase. If you do not want to file a claim with your company you can seek out an attorney for advice on taking legal action to have the damages covered by the responsible party. This would fall under their liability coverage from their renters or homeowners. If you do decide to file a claim, keep in mind, it will be filed under your collision coverage which will show up on your claims history as an at-fault accident. The reason being, Massachusetts doesn't have uninsured motorist coverage for property damage. Anytime your collision coverage is used it is reported as at-fault. Bear in mind, any violation or at-fault accident will stay on your insurance premium (and thus be chargeable) for 3 years. In Massachusetts in 2020, an at-fault accident increased annual premiums an average of $730, meaning over three years you would pay an extra $2,190. 


Another thing to think about is the cost of the repairs. If the cost to repair the car is less than or not much more than your deductible you would want to just pay out of pocket for the repairs. If you pay out of pocket the accident will not go on your record. Even if you do not file a claim, most insurance companies require you to report any incident. Check your policy for their specific guidelines as well as our article on when and how to file an insurance claim. Good luck and if you have any further questions, don't hesitate to ask.

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