Can you get a car insurance quote without a SSN?

It is possible to get car insurance without a SSN — but availability may depend on your location and your insurance company of choice. Car insurance laws are enforced at the state level and may vary based on where you live. Finding auto insurance without a social security number will be easier and more affordable if you shop thoroughly, as some car insurance companies will be more lenient than others. Let’s explore tips for getting insurance without a SSN.


Getting car insurance without a social security card



Why do car insurance companies need your social security number? 

Car insurance companies use your social security number because it is the easiest way to pull up vital information about you. With it, they can gather information such as your driving record, age, and marital status, all of which are important for determining how much you will pay for your insurance coverage. While they can often find this information from your name and address, using your social security number makes it far more accurate. 

Insurers also use your social security number when running credit reports to look at your credit history. In every state but California, Hawaii, and Massachusetts, credit is a major determiner of how much your insurance rates will be. A poor credit score could lead to a much higher rate. 


Why is a driver's license required for car insurance?

Auto insurance companies use your driver's license to run the driving history checks that influence your premium, along with factors like your history, location, and vehicle make and model.


Can you buy car insurance without a social security number?

In many cases, you can get car insurance without a social security number. However, this really depends on the individual insurer. Some insurance companies only require a drivers license in order to obtain coverage. The tricky part is getting your license without a social security number. Most states will require a SSN in order to get a valid drivers license. Therefore, unless you are a foreign citizen operating with a drivers license from your native country, you may struggle to find coverage.


Driver's license without a SSN: state-by-state eligibility

Car insurance is regulated at the state level. Below are the 12 states that allow “unauthorized immigrants” to obtain a driver's license. These are the states in which you can get a driver's license without a social security number. While a SSN is not necessarily a car insurance requirement, a driver's license almost always is necessary.


Each of these states may have other requirements, such as proof of a foreign driver's license or in-state tax returns. Some states allow you to apply for a driver’s license with an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN). This route may be used by nonresident and resident aliens who cannot get a social security number. Visit the IRS website to obtain an ITIN and contact your state's Department of Motor Vehicles for more information on eligibility.


Finding car insurance without a social security number

The first step toward getting auto insurance without a SSN is to contact your state's DMV to obtain a driver's license.

Next, shop around. Every insurance company has its own policy guidelines regarding who they will and will not write policies for. The easiest way to find a car insurance policy without a SSN is to consult an insurance agent who maintains relationships with multiple insurance agencies. You can do that with The Zebra by calling us directly at 888-444-8949 — press 1 to speak directly with an agent.


How to get car insurance quotes without a social security number

If you're interested in viewing car insurance quotes without submitting your social security number or personal information, you can do that online. Submit your zip code in the widget below and click "Start" to get car insurance quotes from top companies.



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