Short-Term Car Insurance in Mississippi

If you're seeking some auto insurance flexibility, you could be considering a temporary auto insurance contract. But short-term auto insurance is rare for a few reasons.

Most major insurance companies do not provide policy terms for fewer than six months. Since car insurance is required by law in every state but one, swapping policies often can be risky. Additionally, you risk having holes in your auto insurance history by making abrupt moves between policies, which can lead to more expensive rates down the road.

Good news: auto insurance policies usually last for only six months. This short duration allows car insurance companies to re-rate — or re-price — your premiums based on your recent driving profile and demographics.

The six-month mark also stands as the perfect opportunity to reevaluate your policy by exploring the offerings of other insurers. Finding quotes online is easy and complimentary, and there isn't necessarily a penalty for moving between insurers at the end of your policy — or even mid-term, as long as you never let your insurance lapse.

The short-term nature of auto insurance makes it relatively simple to acquire with little advance notice. If you're in need of a policy to take a new car off of the lot, shopping for a policy for a relatively long-term car rental or seeking insurance for a vehicle you don't own but drive regularly, consider purchasing a six-month policy and removing coverage as needed.

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Short-term car insurance in Mississippi

See below normal auto insurance premiums in Mississippi, organized by popular insurers and major cities. If you’re paying substantially more than what you see below, think about shopping around.

Insurance CompanyAverage 6-Month RateAverage Monthly Rate
Mississippi State Average — All Companies$794$132
State Farm$674$112
Mississippi Farm Bureau$698$116

The most affordable option for single-month auto insurance in Mississippi is USAA, with whom you can save $22 per month, compared to the next-best choice, State Farm. In Mississippi, the average monthly cost of auto insurance is $132, or $794 over a six-month term.

Where you live can have as large an effect on your insurance premiums as the insurance company you choose. Auto insurers consider the density and likelihood of a claim being filed when pricing policies by ZIP. View insurance prices in the biggest cities in Mississippi and compare how much you’re paying.

LocationAverage 6-Month RateAverage Monthly Rate

Because so many factors are involved in setting insurance rates, your quotes may not match those displayed above. If your current rates don’t align with those listed above, take some time to compare rates. The short-term duration of an auto insurance policy adds to the importance of remaining informed and ready to shop.

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