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How much does Jeep insurance cost?

Durable, versatile, and ready to tackle any road: a Jeep is game for adventure. In addition to its capabilities on- and off-road, a Jeep comes with the additional benefit of affordable insurance. Car insurance for a Jeep typically costs just $1,572 per year ($131 per month) which is significantly less than most other car brands. 

Two car insurance companies in particular offer extremely affordable rates for your Jeep: GEICO and USAA. For example, GEICO offers 27% savings on average rates for a 2017 Jeep Wrangler, while USAA's premiums for a 2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee are 41% less costly than average. 

If you're looking for an insurance bargain with your next Jeep, consider the Wrangler or the Renegade: each of these vehicles typically costs less than $900 per year to cover. Use The Zebra to quickly compare Jeep insurance quotes across top insurance companies to find the best coverage for the best price:

Vehicle Model Average Annual Premium
Jeep Cherokee $1,634
Jeep Compass $1,477
Jeep Grand Cherokee $1,588
Jeep Renegade $1,556
Jeep Wrangler $1,500

Frequently asked questions:


1. Are Jeeps more or less expensive to insure than other car brands?

Jeep vehicles are generally less expensive to insure than luxury or sports car brands, but insurance rates can vary depending on the specific model and your personal driving history.

2. What types of insurance coverage do I need for my Jeep?

The types of insurance coverage you need for your Jeep depend on your state's requirements, but most states require at least liability coverage. It is also recommended to have collision and comprehensive coverage to protect your Jeep in case of an accident, theft, or other damages. 42% of The Zebra's Jeep customers chose state liability, collision and comprehensive coverage.

3. How does the model and age of my Jeep affect my insurance rates?

The model and age of your Jeep can affect your insurance rates because different models have different safety ratings, repair costs, and theft rates. Newer or more expensive Jeep models will generally have higher insurance rates due to their higher risk of accidents or theft.

Jeep insurance rates by model: