Can I pause my insurance while I'm away for work?

I currently live in San Jose but this summer I will be traveling to Seattle for a job for two months. I plan to buy a car between now and August. But if I were to buy one in May and get it fully insured, would I be able to pause the insurance or do something so that I wouldn’t be paying the full amount while I am not driving the vehicle for two months and living in Seattle and the car is still in California?

Mar 5, 2018 San Jose, California

Ava Lynch

Mar 5, 2018

If your vehicle registration isn't up for renewal soon, you might be able to put the vehicle into "storage protection." What this means is the vehicle is not legally allowed on the road, but will still maintain comprehensive coverage in order to protect the vehicle from theft and weather damage. This will also help reduce your premium without having to cancel your insurance or registration. Be aware: because the vehicle does not have the state-required liability coverage, you or anyone else isn't allowed to drive the vehicle. Moreover, it's probably best to keep the vehicle securely placed in a garage or off the streets. Your best bet for this coverage is to speak with your current provider as most providers have something like this. Best of luck.

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