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Can I sell my used car to someone with no insurance?

I’m selling a car to someone who is in the U.S. for a few months. He says he has an international drivers license but he doesn’t have insurance. Does he need to get insurance before I sell him the car, or can he buy it and drive it home?

Agent Answer

Neil Richardson

He can purchase the vehicle from you without insurance, but technically the car has to be insured before can legally drive it on public roads. If not, he could be ticketed for driving uninsured. Once ownership changes hands via the title of the vehicle then you can’t be held responsible for anything that happens with the car. Many insurance companies offer coverage for drivers with a foreign license so he will should be able to find a policy fairly easily. I would recommend a large, national carrier like Progressive or Geico to insure a driver with a foreign license for the best chance of success.

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