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How can I get cheaper insurance after a reckless driving charge?

I have a reckless driving charge on my record, and it's been almost 3 years now. My insurance is always $300 or more per month. I'm going to have to stop driving just because of the high costs! What can I do to get a lower rate?

Mar 13, 2023 Central, SC

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Nathan Foster

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Nathan is an insurance professional with a focus on creating positive customer experiences with more than 10 years of industry experience.

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Beth Swanson

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Thank you for reaching out to The Zebra. This is a great question, and I'm sure the high rate is getting frustrating after almost three years. Reckless driving is, unfortunately, considered a major violation. However, these violations typically start to fall off your record after a period of time. Every insurance company is a little bit different on how far back they rate for claims, especially major violations. Some insurance companies only go back three years, while others may look all the way back to the last five years of your driving history.

Lucky for you, you are in a state that allows these violations to fall off within a reasonable amount of time (the 3 to 5-year benchmark that is standard throughout the industry). There are states like California where a reckless driving charge will stay on a driver's record for 10 years!

My honest opinion is that you should start shopping for insurance now, and then every six months. Then get quotes again when your reckless driving violation is over 3 years old. Your current insurance company might go back 5 years on your driving violations and you might be able to find a different company that will only look at the last 3 years. Check out our information about insurance companies for high-risk drivers if you need a place to start your research. You can also call our agency to get a personalized quote from one of our helpful agents at 888-444-8949, or you can get a quote online through

Hope this helps!

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