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What coverage do I need if I hit a deer?

I’m 22 years old and have a nice car that my parents gave to me for graduating college. The car is paid off but is only 4 years old and I wouldn’t be able to afford a new car if something happened to it. I just moved for my first job out of college and the road I travel to work is known for people having lots of accidents with deer. What can I add to my insurance policy that will cover my car if I hit a deer on the way to work?

Agent Answer

Neil Richardson

Normally when you are driving and hit something in the road then the damage would be covered under collision. However, hitting a deer (or any other animal) is considered a comprehensive claim since it is an unexpected variable and falls under the category of an “act of god,” much like hail damage or vandalism. If the damage exceeds the amount of your deductible then your insurance carrier will cover the remaining amount assuming that you have comprehensive coverage on your policy.

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