What happens if I lie about what age I got my driver license?

I got my license at age 21 instead of 16, but would rather not tell the DMV. Is there a database where they can verify what age I got my license?

Jun 6, 2019 Fountain Valley, CA

Ross Martin

Jun 6, 2019

I understand that you might want to try and potentially save money, but lying to your insurance company isn't going to help. In fact, it could potentially even lead to your coverage being dropped. The Department of Motor Vehicles will most certainly list the age in which you were first licensed. Your insurance company will verify that age before the start of the policy or during the underwriting process. I would recommend calling the insurance company and correcting the age as soon as possible to avoid your policy being canceled. In the state of California, how long you've had your license continuously is a rating factor that insurance companies use when determining rates. Should your license ever be suspended, that clock starts over. For more on rating factors, see the links below.

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