Do I need storage coverage for my vehicle if it isn't running?

My license is suspended but I am on a program to pay off my fines and get my license back. The car isn't drivable but I was told that during the period of time it takes to fix it I need storage insurance. I just bought it as a fixer upper until I complete my program but cant transfer title without it even though its inoperable at this point.

Dec 2, 2016 Saint Paul, MN

Neil Richardson

Dec 2, 2016

In Minnesota, if the vehicle is inoperable then you don't have to carry insurance. Storage insurance would provide physical damage coverage so your vehicle is protected while it is being stored, but it does not provide coverage to drive on the road which wouldn't make you legally compliant anyway. Here is a link your state's Driver and Vehicle Services website covering title transfers. If you are wanting a storage policy I would recommend contacting a local agent in your area, but you aren't legally required to carry it.

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