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In the State of Minnesota, does a registered vehicle have to have insurance if it is not being driven?

I own a car, registered in the State of Minnesota, but it is not being driven so I have no insurance on it. My son took the uninsured vehicle and got into an accident. I am going to go to court and want to know if it is illegal to have a registered car that is not insured?

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Neil Richardson

Technically, if you have the vehicle registered then it’s supposed to be insured, regardless of whether or not it’s being driven. If you are wanting to remove insurance from a vehicle you’re supposed to return the registration tags to your local registration office. If you wanted to begin driving the vehicle again at a later date, you would need to re-register and insure it. Minnesota doesn’t actively monitor whether or not you have insurance on a registered vehicle, but if you’re involved in an accident while uninsured then you could be penalized.

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