Temporary Car Insurance in Tennessee

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If you're seeking some flexibility, you could be interested in a short-term car insurance contract. But short-term auto insurance is hard to come by for a few reasons.

Most large auto insurers will not draw up contracts for periods shorter than six months. Since car insurance coverage is required in most states, changing policies by the month can be a risky proposition. You also run the risk of having gaps in your car insurance history by changing policies frequently, resulting in higher rates in the long run.

Thankfully, auto insurance policy terms commonly run for only six months. This quick turnaround allows auto insurance companies to frequently “re-rate” — or re-price — your costs based on your updated driving record and demographics.

It also gives you a timely opportunity to reevaluate your insurance situation by exploring the offerings of other auto insurance companies. Shopping prices online is easy and complimentary, and there isn't a penalty for moving between auto insurance companies at the end of your policy — or even mid-policy, as long as you never let your insurance lapse.

The flexible nature of car insurance makes it easy to purchase with almost no notice. If you're asked to purchase a policy to take your new car off of the lot, attempting to get coverage for a relatively long-term rental or searching for insurance on a vehicle you don't own but drive more than occasionally, consider purchasing a six-month policy and ending the agreement as needed.

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Short-term auto insurance in Tennessee

See below typical auto insurance costs in Tennessee, organized by major companies and cities. If you’re paying substantially more than the rates below, think about shopping around.

Insurance CompanyAverage 6-Month RateAverage Monthly Rate
Tennessee State Average — All Companies$785$131
Penn National$403$67
Utica National$491$82
State Farm$579$97
Direct General$597$100

The most budget-friendly option for short-term auto insurance in Tennessee is Penn National, which can save you $15 per month, compared to the next-cheapest choice, Utica National. In Tennessee, the average monthly cost of auto insurance is $131, or $785 over a six-month period.

The place in which you drive has just as large an influence on your auto insurance rates as the insurance company you choose. Auto insurance companies take into account the density and likelihood of a claim being filed when rating policies by ZIP code. See below insurance prices in Tennessee's most populous cities and compare the amount you’re paying.

LocationAverage 6-Month RateAverage Monthly Rate

Because of the myriad factors involved in setting insurance rates, your quotes may not match those displayed above. If your current premiums don’t align with those listed above, think about taking a moment to shop around. The short-term duration of a car insurance policy enhances the importance of staying informed and ready to shop.

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