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If I backed into a pole in a parking lot, do I need a police report to file a claim?

I have a $100 deductible and the repair estimate is about $1,000. In December of 2016, I also filed a comprehensive claim after hitting a possum that resulted in about a $2,000 repair. Should I file a claim with Pekin insurance, and will my rate go up if I do?

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Neil Richardson

A police report is not always necessary to file a claim, especially for incidents that only involve one vehicle. The choice to file a claim is completely up to you, but I would caution you that it really is intended for situations where you suffer a catastrophic loss. If you can easily afford the $1,000 repair then I would recommend paying for it out of pocket. The other thing to consider is that your previous claim was paid out under comprehensive coverage, which is unlikely to impact your rate, and this claim would be paid out under collision coverage making it an at-fault accident. At-fault claims will cause your rate to increase in most instances.

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