Can I file a claim with my insurance company if I've already paid for repairs to my vehicle?

I was involved in an accident on 1/30/17 with another car, and I was ticketed for no insurance and reckless driving. I assumed I had no insurance at the time, since I received a cancellation notice from my insurance company for non-payment, so I did not contact them to report it. I paid over $4000 for repairs to my car, and I received a letter from the other driver's insurance company for $4000 in damages/repairs for their vehicle. I did end up paying what I owed to my insurance company the day after the accident to reinstate my policy, but I still did not report the accident. Later I found out that I was insured at the time of the accident since, I assume, there was a grace period before it was cancelled for good. Would I just go ahead and pay the other driver's repairs out of pocket? What would happen if I called and explained the situation to my insurance company?

Jul 14, 2017 Jacksonville, FL

Neil Richardson

Jul 14, 2017

Even if you have paid for the repairs on your vehicle, your insurance company should cover the damage you caused to the other driver if your policy was active at the time of the crash. I would recommend not paying the other party anything until you've contacted your company to start the claims process. It is also possible that you may be reimbursed for your own damage, but you would have to provide proof of the damage before the repairs were made and your collision deductible will likely be subtracted from any payout you receive. Having as many pictures as possible from the accident scene and all of the paperwork associated with your repair will help your case in getting reimbursed.

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