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Do I claim my stolen vehicle with Lyft or Geico?

I was driving my personal vehicle for Lyft when it was stolen at gunpoint. What do I do and who do I call? I have already called the police and my insurance company they say they won’t do anything that Lyft is responsible and Lyft says you’re on your own you work for your self

Agent Answer

Ava Lynch

This can depend. Most car insurance companies work together with Lyft/Uber in order to provide coverage as long as you have a rideshare endorsement. Below is a break down of how the coverage works. Depending on what stage the accident occurred, you can find coverage from Lyft or Geico.

Period Insurance Coverage
Period 0 Offline: Your personal policy
Period 1 Online WITHOUT ride request: Rideshare insurance + Lyft coverage
Period 2 Online WITH ride request but NO rider:Lyft coverage
Period 3 Online WITH rider in vehicle: Lyft coverage


One of the companies should be covering you via your comprehensive coverage. You can find more information here. If they are not wanting to provide coverage, you can seek legal advice to see if you have any other options. Good luck and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask.

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